Wednesday, July 14, 2004

The Dims, alienating their own.

I always knew the Dims were a stupid bunch of collectivists, but after just reading a short bit on Yahoo! about Hillary getting snubbed as a major speaker at the Dim Convention, all I can do is laugh.

I can rest assured that Dubya will have another term.

How stupid must one be to leave off one of the most politcally influential people in the country? I must admit that I was shocked a few days ago, when the whole John-John thing broke. I was just sure that Kerry would pick Billary as his running mate. What a way to shoot himself in the foot, TWICE!

Senator Clinton, the ambitious bitc..uh..person that she is, would have been an easy way to garner most of the female vote in this country, just by being on the Dim's ticket. I believe that she could have, and would have, swung a bunch of the fence-straddling or slightly-right-of-the-middle female Pachs if the Dims would have just been AWAKE for the last couple of months. What does it take to make these folks see that they do indeed have an ace in their hand? As much as I HATE that woman, she is an exceptional politician, and I don't mean that in a good way.

Miracles will never cease.


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