Thursday, July 15, 2004

Kerry and the DNC stepping on their dicks.

After stepping on their schwaenze yesterday, I expected this to happen at some point.,2933,125875,00.html
I have to admit though, I am a little puzzled.  What would That Senator From New York, or Nancy Pelosi for that matter, know about "American values"?  I thought the only thing they knew was A) Selling our asses to Kofi and the Bluehatted Assclowns and B) Arbitrary Monetary Redistribution to the underprivileged.  You know, it is for our own good.
I really liked the part about how, " the absence of the former first lady drew criticism from Democrats, particularly women."  Why should it matter to women, in general, that she be on the docket for the evening?  Am I sensing a tiny bit of reverse sexism here?  Feeling underrepresented?



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