Thursday, July 22, 2004

They're at it again,0,4525698.story

It seems that Rep. McCarthy, Donk - People's Republik of New Yawk deems it fit to trample on people's rights, yet again.

I can feel some empathy for her, her husband was killed by a rather disturbed individual on a commuter train about a dozen years ago.  No doubt that event played heavily on her gun position and the subsequent drafting of the so called "Crime Bill."  The sad fact is that that law is, and always was, an ineffectual, feel-good piece of legislation that was long on rhetoric and short on producing the desired results.  So many politicians like McCarthy have said in the past that the bill banned so many types of rifles that were meant for nothing but killing people.  She figured that all these "assault weapons", rifles, would be turned in and destroyed, but that is not what the law required.  The EXISTING rifles, built prior to September 13, 1994, were exempt, or grandfathered in the law and were therefore not effected. 

The bill simply expanded on some earlier precedents (Thanks GW#1) regarding cosmetic features, notably pistol grips, flash hiders, bayonet lugs and in the case of import rifles, magazine capacity.  To make a long story shorter, the ATF is responsible for enforcement of that section of the U.S. code, section 922(r) which outlines what is, and is not allowed.  Suffice it to say that it is not something that is interesting reading, something like plowing through concrete.  The ATF interprets these laws and has allowed rifles that are essentially the same, less the aforementioned features, to be produced in this country from a combination foreign and domestic parts which, when assembled, comply with the law in every way.  This is not a loophole folks, just following the manual, nothing else.

Some politicians, the usual dregs from the Donk party, complain to no end about how the law is just being "ignored" and that it needs to be written into the permanent code instead of being allowed to sunset come September.  That is simply not what has happened and they are just sore about their shit not being in the middle of everyone's radar screen.

The truth has always been that criminals will acquire guns whenever they need them.  No law can dissuade someone from the wrongdoing.  If the desire to do the wrong is there, they will find a way, and it won't even provide the slightest bit of impediment.  How soon people forget how 19 cracks commandeered 4 planes and several hundred passengers and used them as a weapon.  A plane folks.  A plane.


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