Tuesday, August 17, 2004

The Citizenry have their Priorities all mixed up

Now tell me this, how is it that there is a state sponsored program to deal with the exorbitant prices of (our) governmentally controlled supply, and type (thanks FDA) of drugs, but when it comes to "outsourcing" another product or job, it (our government, in one of its many forms) has an altogether different position, philosophically at least, about what they are going to "allow", or in this case actively promote, to be purchased across international borders????!!!!!! Sounds like familiar Donk territory to me, raise enough hell and get something changed. Someone needs to tell these shitheads to...

Stay the fuck out of everything...altogether...every...fucking...time...

I'll tell you EXACTLY what this whole thing is about! The fucking peons and old folks, union heads, the Joos in ChiTown, the Liberal cryingwhinybabies and the indigent are CRYING about how high the prices of drugs are, and THEY WANT SOMEONE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, GODDAMNIT!

I can here it already, "Fix my problem for me, asshole, or you are not going to be reelected!" Of course the politician will respond with something like, "Well, ALLOW ME!!! I am, after all, a politician, and your problem is my problem, so allow me to selectively throw the levers of power and wave my magic fucking wand over your (perceived) problem and fix your shit for you.

ASSHOLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Do you think that Blagojevich, for one minute, would do a damn thing about my problem? I mean, all I want is to make a phone call and buy a gun from across the border (the Canadian Para-Ordnance pistols are excellent). Do you think he would be at all receptive to my second amendment rights? FUCK NO HE WOULDN'T!!! Not to mention that I don't live in Illinois, but that is hardly the point, is it?

Don't get me wrong, I like the idea here. I will promote the free trade of drugs across international borders to promote competition (although this is clearly not the case), but it needs to be an across the board thing, with the dang Gummint keeping their filthy hands out of it, both in terms of regulation (none) and tariffs (little or none).

I want all the rest of the assholes from the People's New Socialist Republik of Chicago and Surrounding Territories, formerly known as Illinois, to get a good fucking taste of their own fucking medicine...so to speak!



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