Saturday, August 21, 2004


Is it me, or is ALL of the commentary by the "analysts" on the Olympics more than a little annoying? They are ruining the games!

I do occasionally like to hear something that Costas has to say about some oddity or quirk about something, but then again, he actually knows something of what he is talking about, unlike every other journalist I see these days. I wish that they would just can it, shut up and COVER THE DAMN GAMES!

I don't need anything other than a couple of cameras on the events. No color man. No washed up former great in the event giving rolling commentary. Just cover the event!!! I don't care what it is! I would sit and watch badmitton if they'd just shut up. Instead they have to show replays of the preliminary heats of the 100 meters for an hour while Carol Lewis tells me how fast someone looked in the last 40 meters. Fuck!



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