Monday, August 30, 2004

The real role of the UN

The crisis in Sudan is appalling, as everyone knows, but the situation has only gotten worse since the UN has stepped in and made its presence known.

This is hardly a surprise to anyone who has the mental capacity of a rational 10-year old. It is the politically corrupted who need reminders and evidence presented in a way that is both simple and affectual. These people are always under the tragic supposition that there are two things which are true, both to this situation specifically, and more generally, to all people; that governmental intervention, in whatever form(s) it will show itself, is the appropriate response to these kinds of matters, and that the suffering masses (pictures of dying babies gets attention) are the perfect means for appropriating the necessary power to impose that governmental will upon the citizenry.

Duh, right? Yet it is exactly the same as the present Donk-in-waiting, as he parades his disgusting attempts of "universal healthcare" around like the limp rag doll it is. The commercials are rife with the same message, "look at all the poor, mistreated people...we have an obligation to take care of them."

It is complete bullshit, of course. As course as it may be to say, their problems are not our responsibility and the UN will do nothing more than write resolution after resolution condemning the atrocities and send in more monitors, or new ones, to watch the situation deteriorate. They have done this in every situation before (think Somalia, Rwanda, Kosovo) and only the most optimistic (read stupid) would think the situation to turn out otherwise. The stumblefucks at the UN don't have the balls to actually DO anything and instead rely on their moral high road, like Amnesty Int. do, and write a position paper on the shit, condemning it instead of acting.

The worst part of the UN proposals for dealing with this stuff is the economic sanctions that are inevitably to follow these resolutions. These damn things do absolutely no good, and usually end up with the unintended consequence of helping the tyrants and despots who they are supposedly trying to control. I will NEVER forget last spring, the warehouses being overrun by the coalition forces, showing the Oil-for-Food stuff being uncovered at SoDamn Insane's military bases. We get his oil, his soldiers get fed, all on our dime.

So, you want to help the ethnic black Africans in Sudan, send some guns and a few mercernaries. Show them how to fight back. Give them the chance to repel the borders, bent on crossbreading with the native population in order to drive out the ethnic black bloodlines in the area. Send some knives so the women can give the damn Arabs a circumcision that they WILL not forget. Tell the UN, in no uncertain terms, that they can't help. Write them and tell them to disband their ill-gotten organisation before more people get killed. Tell them to get the hell out of New York and go back to Brussels.



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