Monday, August 30, 2004

Remind me why I care?

I don't know WHAT to think about this situation.

The French, the stalwarts of personal liberty (cough, cough), deny someone their freedom of religion. Big shocker to everyone, I'm sure.

Then the assholes kidnap a couple of French journalists to exact some type of revenge for the law forbidding the women overthere, as in France, from wearing headscarves. WTF?

Since when did the ragheads care about their women, especially those living in a foreign, western country?

Why do I care for that matter? Oh, yeah, brought up to believe that people should be let to their own ways and respected. Ya know, that whole Judao-Christian thing. Almost forgot.

What the Frogs should do is stick that pen that they use in the eyesocket and scramble what little brains those motherfucker asshole terrorists have left, then pop out their eyeballs, both of them, and skull fuck them all. And by the way, use that same fucking camera that is so popular with the assweasels and record the whole thing and then send it to Al-Jazeera.

That oughta piss 'em off!



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