Monday, August 23, 2004

Why I hate John Kerry

If this isn't an indication of what kind of person John Kerry is, or, more precisely, what he is being marketed as, I can't say what it is.

First, the RINO McCain gets his unconstitutional piece-of-shit bill passed into law, with all its bells and whistles. So now you can no longer call each other names on the playground and run all of that "negative" campaign advertisement that makes the thin skinned pussies get their panties all in a bunch. Now we have to put all that money up for everyone to see and make it fair and all that touchy feely crap.

In the place of all of the "old bad stuff" is now the incredibly fair IRS 527 entities. With these and the unbiased mass media (damn, choked on that one), who are immune from the brilliant new rules of the level playing field that the campaign finance reforms have brought, we get.........the exact same shit we got before all this crap started, except now, we have some groups who are accusing others of wrongdoing, breaking the law and frivolous civil suits of such. That's it, that's the idea, get the dumbass Feds in on yet another piece of your lives.

Of course, we must respect those who have something to say and let them say it, right? So there are a few guys who were doing the same kind of thing as Kerry during Vietnam at about the same time at about the same place and they want to tell the world how much of an ASS John Kerry really is, or something like that. OK. They ARE NOT a Republican Party entity. They are an independent organization who think one way and want the world to know and are exercising their constitutional rights...Then John-John comes out and says that it isn't fair that this independent organization is attacking him and calls on Bush (and let me make it clear AGAIN that there is no association between the two groups here) to tell the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth to stop and play nice.???

Where am I? The fucking playground at elementary school? I mean, when is it OK for someone to say, "this subject is out of bounds, so Dubya, you (and now it seems everyone else as well) can't say my Mom wears Army boots!"

So what are you gonna do John-John, take away my Birthday? Fuck you, you pompous bitch!!!

Do you think that for one minute that JFK would rein in ANY of his toadies (, I'd LOVE to see the IRS crawl up their ass with a microscope) and tell them to play all nice-nice? Hell NO! So why should W say anything to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth to shut up and not question Kerry's claims about his Vietnam records? Short answer, he shouldn't. Neither should Kerry try any shenanigans with the Left-leaning organizations.

Of course Bush comes out later today and does EXACTLY what he shouldn't have done and confirms for Kerry two things: Dubya will jump when asked, and Kerry is correct about people not caring about the First Amendment, or the Bill of Rights in general.

Fuck! The goddamn FIRST AMENDMENT is on the line with this shit, and all they both do is play games with it. Unbelievable!!!

As much of an idiot Bush is/has been, he is, at the very least, principled. That is a description that will never befit ol' John-John.



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