Monday, September 13, 2004

Lies, and the Liars who Perpetuate those Lies

I am utterly speechless about this. Kerry and his goons are going on and on today about how they are behind the cops and, they claim, the majority of Americans on "this issue," yet they still don't know what they are talking about.

Their precious "assault weapons ban," that isn't anything of the sort BTW, expires today, and if you would believe what they have to say about it, you'd think a fucking apocalyptic wave was sweeping the countryside. As it stands, however, the net effect of the expiration will be...ZERO.

The usual suspects in the Gun Control Party are touting how, over the last ten years, they are the ones who have kept all these evil, nasty assault weapons from, "getting to the street," as they say so often. Buffoons! If that were the case, why is it that one of the rifles that made it past their legislation was the gun in the hands of Malvo and Mohammed when they went on their killing spree? It was not, from the language of their own prescription, an assault weapon! It may look like an assault weapon, with its nasty black plastic stock and military appointments, but it isn't, by the letter of the law, yet it operates EXACTLY THE SAME WAY!!! It passed their muster, so how could it have killed someone? Dipshits!!! They just can't seem to get around this issue. They are determined to abrogate the Constitution in order to appear righteous in front of their constituents. Why can't their law protect the populace then?

I'll tell you the fucking answer, you retarded fucking stumblefucks! Because your goddamn retarded, assbackward fucking law couldn't stop it from happening, regardless of how many fucking restrictions you put on any fucking rifle. The crime was going to be committed because someone had some screwed up wiring. He was going to acquire a rifle to do it, and your laws were not going to even slow him down, you statist fucking assholes!

I hear the bullshit starting from those who claim to know something about how to stop these kinds of things from happening. They tend to say things about magazine capacity restrictions (already been tried, with the AWban, no less), caliber restrictions (bitch, don't make me laugh!), or licensure (yeah right, YOU want to be the one who goes door to door?). I have news for everyone who thinks that they have the magic bullet for this situation of "gun violence" in our culture, it has been tried before, in every conceivable way, in other countries, and IT STILL DOESN'T WORK!!!

I wish that the media were more responsible (yes, I AM talking to you Dan Rather!) about the verbiage they bandy about, and even more so, I wish that the general public would take things from the mainstream media with some skepticism. More importantly, I wish that Americans would realize that the Second is as much a civil liberty as is a freedom to vote, or as their supposed freedom of the press. They are inextricably linked, and should NEVER be thought of otherwise, lest the politicians rest control of its citizenry and turn them into Huxlean drones who take their soma and do as they are told.

Be vigilant with every endeavor of life, especially your freedom.



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