Thursday, September 23, 2004

"Loopholes" and Partners in Crime

I couldn't help but post on the subject of the Godawful McCain-Feingold, supposed, Campaign Finance Reform Act.

I am currently listening to a recording through NRAnews from earlier this afternoon, John McCain openly stating from the day prior, "I'm pleased to join my partners in crime..." Referring to his fellow CongressCritters who helped write the most illegal piece of legislation ever devised. More on this later.

He then goes on to chastise the FEC officials, Weintraub and Smith, because of the 15 regulations that were judged to be in violation of the law by Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly of the Federal District Court in Washington, henceforth known as Heroner. He claims that because Ms. Weintraub and Mr. Smith are relying on the the regs, after Heroner had ruled them in violation, they should be arrested, serve time, asked to resign because, "They have steadfastly refused to obey the law." Ooooh, how disobedient. The list he gives is long and distinguished, all in an attempt to do what, throw the book at them and make an example out of them John? Fucking bastard!

The fucking SCOTUS of course ruled a while back that this unconstitutional law is really constitutional, because, well, ya know, if they struck it down, it would mean that Fuckhead McCain had wasted the last five years of his already worthless life writing the thing, shoving it down everyone else's throat, and well, we couldn't have that. It would invalidate that Motherfucker's existence, don't ya know.

Besides, what is Big Government if they can't wield their mighty club every once in a while?

His ludicrous claims about 527's being a "loophole" is just unbelievable. His bullshit attempts at shutting people up with the most effective weapon that they have, MONEY, was bound to make this kind of shit happen. Or didn't he know that? Dumb fucker! So what does he do about it...promise MORE LEGISLATION to close the soft money "Loophole" and bring the 527's, which were an attempt at getting a people's voice heard, under the control of the FEC. Hello America, are you awake yet? Is this NOT bothering any of you?

Five by Five, loud and clear so everyone can hear it...THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A LOOPHOLE!

The word "Loophole" is tin-foil-hat-talk that SoreLosers use for something that is legal to do that they didn't find first and then in an effort to villify the "Offenders", the perpetually offended part...I mean the Donks, claim "Foul" and cry and whimper about how unfair it all is.

Message to John McCain: Your sorry-assed attempts at correcting what is an admittedly imperfect system, by sticking your dumbass nose into the most important aspect of being an American, the political process, by fiddle-fucking with it was bound to produce such actions. You are trying to silence people, business, corporations and others who have developed this system, over time. It has evolved over time, long and slow, just like our society, and now that Johnny Mac gets his panties in a wad over his perceptions, we have to "overhaul" it, all in an effort to make it "perfect."


I tell you what John. Why don't we have a good, old-fashioned trial by jury, of your peers, and do it on the lawn of the Capitol Building. Let's sit there and ask a few simple questions and see who can do the right thing and live by the laws set out by the Founders. You know, the ones about the voice of others, and, even though you may disagree with what they say, you will defend their right to say it anyway?

On second thought, you wouldn't know ANYTHING about that, would you?

So how is it that you are representing citizens of this great land in the greatest deliberative body known to mankind? How is it that you are not being recalled as I write this? Why are YOU not in jail for breech of the public trust? Why are YOU not on trial for TREASON, John McCain?



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