Friday, October 29, 2004

Watch that finger!

Why don't you terrorist assholes take that ridiculous fucking towel off of your heads and indentify yourselves?

Come over to my house with that fucking finger pointed straight up in the air, just like your ass-riding papa, Osama, and I WILL RIP THAT FUCKER OFF AND FORCE FEED IT TO YOU, YOU MOTHERFUCKER!


Thursday, October 28, 2004

Governmental Accountability

Just finished reading the GodAwful-Communist KCStar.

Couldn't even finish the article the first time through. Felt too sick to after about 4 paragraphs.

After finishing my meal, I went back to the article and read the whole thing. Big mistake, I almost hurled.

One of the things that really irked me about moving to Johnson County last year was that I felt that I was somehow buying into the "Suburban Soccer Mentality." Jo County is just filled to the brim with RINO's, ya know, Republicans In Name Only. They bandy about, spouting all kinds of All-American crap, touting family values, going to church, PTA meetings, being "involved" with their kids upbringing (pardon me as I do a roll-back). All of this makes me sick, since I view all of these people with nothing but contempt and malice since they are anything but real Republicans, in the Ronald Reagan mold, that is. Not that I'm a Republican, but if you consider the other side...

Anyway, it seems to me that all these JoCo assholes would rather vote Republican across the board, but then do very un-Republican things, like increase our already exorbitant taxes, pass any form of gun control measure, regardless of verbiage, and generally try to control others by highly coercive means. All hallmarks of the Low-Life-Left.

This is what did it. A new method of tax collecting.

It seems that any automobile or truck to change hands privately is now subject to the state determining its value, instead of the value of the exchange between the buyer and the seller. This put me over the top. I can't get over being in a towering rage of this kind of overt, we-will-get-your-money-one-way-or-another attitude on behalf of the elected officials and bureaucrats.

This is typical Donk action, "fiddle with the verbiage in a bill enough and we are covered."

This is obviously a system that has seen its usefulness come and go, since The Anointed Ones have seen fit to do exactly as they please, without a HINT of accountability. When will it be enough? When is it that the citizenry can call, "FOUL" and get something stopped. Since when is it OK to IMPOSE this type of thing on the taxpayers, when they have obviously been mislead?

This made me think of a post by Kim DuToit, on his blog, titled Where's Washington?

Not insofar as what he is referring to, but how I view Washington. He was a stoic man of great intellect and surpassing integrity.

He was also 6'-4" and 200+ in an era when most men weren't more than 5'-6".

Somehow I think that it was more than his upstanding character that they were worried about.


There is hope afterall

Listening to one of those Vikings from the Great White North is usually entertaining, what with the funny accent and all, but they are not known for their great political savvy or for, historically speaking, picking the winning candidate.

Times they are a changin', or so it seems.

I damn near fell out of my chair. This, coming from the Minnesotans?

It seems as though their brains don't suffer from frost bite, as I had imagined. That there is an open discussion amongst the dyed-in-the-wool Donk crowd from the Great White North tells me that Dubya not only has a chance at Mini-so-duh, but at taking this election with a solid majority.

My confidence is rising, I can put my gu...I mean, my temper away for a while.


Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Consider the following

Politics, Bush Vs. Kerry on Iraq - October 27, 2004

He is right about all of it.

The only thing that I can say about the situation is this, Kerry's assertion(if it really is his) that the Iraqis need to run their own country, is correct, at least at the heart of it.

One of the things that the Founders had was brass balls, in spades. They demonstrated the will to take on the situation, even if they had no idea how to get it done. They had the right attitude. The Iraqis, to me have shown little determination to do the same. It is not something that we can just hand them.

Food for thought.


The Revolution is ripening

Like the bumper sticker says, "Keep honking, I'm reloading."

Can the political discourse in this country become any dirtier?

We have both sides engaged in a war that is spiraling into a real third world kind of story. Breaking into campaign offices. Threatening campaign workers with physical violence. Filing civil lawsuits preemptively. Back-handed tactics (we could open the whole 527 thing here and never completely cover this) with regard to what constitutes "media." BOTH candidates openly lying about the other. Reports of buses of 'Enforcers' from labor unions showing up at polls to intimidate voters. Fill in the blank, it's being done, and it is all disgraceful.

Trying to run over a political office holder with a car? Apparently this is what it is coming to, which is scary since it affirms what I have been feeling as a sort of 'pulse' from the people around me. People ARE willing to take drastic measures, as we can see. This election is polarizing the country like I have never seen before. I wish everyone would just be cool, go to the polls and let their voice be heard in the best way we have, but I think that we are going to see a huge swell of this kind of crap in the coming week.

I am not a religious kind of man, but I pray that we can all keep it together. I am a pragmatic man, however, and as such, will prepare for the worst. So, assholes, all I can say is, "Keep pushing, I'm reloading."


Tuesday, October 19, 2004

And the media isn't biased?

I've been itching to write about this for a while, but work has had me busier than a two-bit French whor...


How is it that the Left is always barking about how fair and balanced the media is when this kind of shit is happening?

Not that it is anything new, of course, but it still chaps my ass that those low-life at The Star, among others, are mentioned as endorsing Kerry. How is it, exactly, that a paper, or any medium for that matter, is NOT biased, but STILL MANAGES TO STICK THEIR COLLECTIVE FOOT IN THEIR MOUTH BY ENDORSING A CANDIDATE, ANY CANDIDATE?

I guess it is my sense of keeping the news as much to an ideal of a stream-of-information as possible that has raised my ire, as much as anything. Openly endorsing a candidate isn't so much the problem as the lack of sincerity on the part of the media organizations to openly admit that they have a partisan political agenda. THAT I can manage.

This, to me, makes all the difference in the world, as regular folks have long ago figured this out, I believe, and came to the conclusion that there were other means by which to counter the leanings of the biased media.

One of those things that developed, to no one's surprise, was soft money. Gee, who'd a thunk?

So the papers have shown an allegiance, one way or another, I don't care which, and the rest of the media, whether explicitly or implicitly, has the same character. What is an average Joe to do?

Let's all say it together...I'll give some cash to my political cause.

Wait, enter John McCain and his Henchmen, who have had the brilliance to not only recognize this soft money debacle, but have the magic solution to the problem, the McCain-Feingold Act-to-forever muddy-up-even-further-the-political-discourse-of-Amercia-by-getting-all-the-dirty-money-removed blah, blah, blah...

Please excuse my digression, I couldn't help myself.

So, why is it that a newspaper can't keep an unbiased position about politics?

Probably has to do with the nature of people, I suppose. People have varying opinions about a variety of topics. An open discussion of which is usually considered a good thing. Some people are religious. Some are not. Some are conservative with their behavior, while others are loose. Some have liberal leanings when others have more rigid ones. None of these things have a right or wrong to them. They are merely different positions on the same plane, that is all.

That is to say, we each have preferences, which are a result of having a great breadth of personal liberty with which to exercise those positions. It is this gravitation to a particular position, and learning about it in more depth that allows individual growth, and affirmation of that position is crucial to achieving it. Reading, listening and absorbing a particular position is nice to have, but only if it can be tempered with opposing points of view. Without that crucial counterpoint, or where ideas thrive - multiple counterpoint, perspective is impossible.

Which brings me back to my original thought about news organizations needing to openly admit their political leanings, and report whatever position, to whatever audience they choose. It is human nature to be partial, of that I have no question.

But, for God's-sake, just come out and say it!