Thursday, October 28, 2004

Governmental Accountability

Just finished reading the GodAwful-Communist KCStar.

Couldn't even finish the article the first time through. Felt too sick to after about 4 paragraphs.

After finishing my meal, I went back to the article and read the whole thing. Big mistake, I almost hurled.

One of the things that really irked me about moving to Johnson County last year was that I felt that I was somehow buying into the "Suburban Soccer Mentality." Jo County is just filled to the brim with RINO's, ya know, Republicans In Name Only. They bandy about, spouting all kinds of All-American crap, touting family values, going to church, PTA meetings, being "involved" with their kids upbringing (pardon me as I do a roll-back). All of this makes me sick, since I view all of these people with nothing but contempt and malice since they are anything but real Republicans, in the Ronald Reagan mold, that is. Not that I'm a Republican, but if you consider the other side...

Anyway, it seems to me that all these JoCo assholes would rather vote Republican across the board, but then do very un-Republican things, like increase our already exorbitant taxes, pass any form of gun control measure, regardless of verbiage, and generally try to control others by highly coercive means. All hallmarks of the Low-Life-Left.

This is what did it. A new method of tax collecting.

It seems that any automobile or truck to change hands privately is now subject to the state determining its value, instead of the value of the exchange between the buyer and the seller. This put me over the top. I can't get over being in a towering rage of this kind of overt, we-will-get-your-money-one-way-or-another attitude on behalf of the elected officials and bureaucrats.

This is typical Donk action, "fiddle with the verbiage in a bill enough and we are covered."

This is obviously a system that has seen its usefulness come and go, since The Anointed Ones have seen fit to do exactly as they please, without a HINT of accountability. When will it be enough? When is it that the citizenry can call, "FOUL" and get something stopped. Since when is it OK to IMPOSE this type of thing on the taxpayers, when they have obviously been mislead?

This made me think of a post by Kim DuToit, on his blog, titled Where's Washington?

Not insofar as what he is referring to, but how I view Washington. He was a stoic man of great intellect and surpassing integrity.

He was also 6'-4" and 200+ in an era when most men weren't more than 5'-6".

Somehow I think that it was more than his upstanding character that they were worried about.



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