Thursday, June 30, 2005

Traitors and Spies in our midst.

Saw this link in another (Lefty) blog and couldn't get over the map on this site.

Most of it doesn't really shock me. A lot of large cities, most on the coasts, where one would EXPECT to find liberals, at least the filty-far-left kind. I mean, there ARE liberals, and a bunch to be sure just down the road from here in Liberalville, Lawrence, Kansas. Hell, I graduated from the University of Kansas, I KNOW HOW FUCKING LIBERAL IT IS! But what is this, there are liberals in the south? Texas? Austin is the U of T, granted, but what about Nashville?, Atlanta?, BumFuck Sprinfield, Missouri? Hell, my ENTIRE family is from there. There aren't even any fucking minorities in the entire town! Talk about weird. The whole damn town is filled with Evangelical Christians, how could there be any liberals?

Things about this world will never cease to amaze me.


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