Monday, July 18, 2005

As the Jedi say, "Be Mindful."

It occured to me shortly after 9/11 that this was the first in what was possibly a long list of things to come.

The tactics of Al-Qeada are that of a protracted guerilla war.

Attach an extremist ideology to young and impressionable boys who then sit and wait for their orders to kill. What is even more alarming is that at least one of the suspects, Tanweer, seemed to come from an upper-middle class family, with professionals and business owners as parents, and a well planned career path, studying at a university. Despite what some may say about terrorism being caused by abject poverty, the sleeper cell lives!

I'd like to ask this young man's father if, when he allowed his son's passage to Lahore last year, what he thought his son might be doing there. "Studying religion" doesn't seem likely in this day and age, especially with so many Muslims living in Europe these days. The number of Mosques and Madrasses would indicate to me that their religion and cultural system is well established. Enough so, so that traveling to Mecca, a requirement of Muslims I know, would seem to be the only NEED for traveling to the more turbulent eastern Muslim nations. You'd THINK that the son's family would have had a sit-down with him about this. You'd think!

Saturday, July 09, 2005

I told you so!

This was all over certain talk shows late last year. Most nay-sayers said that us 'right-wing extremists' were just over-reacting, and that nothing was ever going to come of it.

All of this material was covered especially well by Cam Edwards on Bradley Smith, the FEC chairman, was invited to the show and asked by Cam if political commentary would be considered an 'in kind' contribution. I was expecting to get the Clintonian, run-around type of answer, but he was rather forthright with explaning that it WAS a distinct possibility, hinging largely on a ruling made by Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly, regarding some of the regulations that were established to enact the McCain-Feingold law. Instead of being the typical overbearing pig, shit-headed bureaucrat, he was almost apologetic with his response. I found this to be amazing, to quote,

"She orders us to regulate the Internet, again what I point out is -- it is in no way limited to paid advertising. In fact, it would be contrary to the tone of the opinions limited only to paid advertising. In another part of the opinion, she struck down one of our regulations where we exempted unpaid advertising. So, I, you know, this was, it’s – it’s in no ways limited to unpaid advertising."

It seems to me that what Cam and others were trying to foreshadow is now coming true. It is also amazing to see that judges are now trying to enforce this law. Not sure they can do that, despite the SCOTUS decision to let a lower court ruling stand, stating that M/F is not UnConstitutional.

I get the feeling that there are exactly two types of people in this country regarding this issue. Either they don't know about it, nor understand it, or they are fuming at the thought that the first amendment has/is being excised from the Bill of Rights.

I think the Revolution just got a little closer, by virtue of adding yet another straw.

Ah, fuck 'em! My powder is dry.


Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!!!

We've all seen this on the news in the last few days. I forget where I clipped this, probably from AP, to the effect of,

"Duncan, from Fargo, N.D., has spent much of his adult life in prison."

Why was this sick fuck allowed to roam the streets again?

Who the Fuck in Washington thought that this asshole was mentally competant enough to be released back into society?

Will the publically funded asshole who signed the release papers, or the judge who set bond at $15,000!!! for this rapist/pederast/murderer be fired, or even reprimanded? The answer is, "Hell No!"

I'm so sick of shit like this. Its high time the 'public' figures start paying for their fuck-ups.

One more nail in the coffin. One step closer to...