Thursday, August 04, 2005

Going Apoplectic

I laughed with glee when Bush announced that he was using his Congressional Recess powers (That would be CLEARLY outlined as being Constitutional, BTW) to bypass his ambassador nomination to the Godawful UN.

The Donks are going apoplectic, it seems.

Good. The more who die of massive miocardial infarction, the better.

I can only hope that these fuckers call up their friends and let them know, so a few more can be taken with them.

John Bolton is the Anti-Dem. He is opinionated, hard-lined, mean (in a good way), ugly, and doesn't budge an inch. No compromising with this guy. It was especially rewarding to read about how he told the nanny-staters and Rebecca Peters to go SOD OFF at the Program of Action on Small Arms and Light Weapons.

Fuck the Donks. I LIKE this guy. Doesn't take any shit from anyone, and is NOT going to piss away the Bill of Rights so that some EuroSchmuck can feel all warm and fuzzy about the U.S. of A.



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