Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Santayana spinning in his grave, part II

It seems that the heads of those who live in Frisco have been blinded by what their hearts seem to be telling them.

We have seen before what happens when this type of thing is allowed to happen, haven't we?

Of course that is not going to be a good enough argument from the victim disarmament crowd, they will invariably argue some kind of "moral high ground" crap about, "if we save only ONE life, it's worth it..." type of tripe. To which I can only respond, "No, it isn't worth it, not by a long shot."

Just as it isn't worth it to deny anyone's right to free speech, especially the unpopular kind, and just as it is not worth denying someone his religious convictions, especially those that may seem odd to most everyone else, and just as it is not worth it to deny someone the right to vote, because he can't read a newspaper...written in Chinese, it is not worth trampling just that one section of the B.O.R., just so ONE person can be stayed of the righteous wrath, those who would violate, wantonly, the virtue of us who march the narrow path in life.

I can only hope that that cesspool will just implode BECAUSE of this, with the most of it covered on CNN.

It seems odd that Donks can't think in more rational ways; they are always caught up in some sort of cognitive dissonance so deep, they are convinced that they are the only ones who can conceive of the answer. The answer in this case has already been rendered and they are too blind to see what will happen.

Let'em all sink.



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