Saturday, December 24, 2005

'Tis the Season

Oh, what the Hell. I'll play along.

Not that Kim is my favorite blogger or anything, OK that's a lie, he IS my favorite, but that is beside the point. His post just got me to thinking about his previously posed question regarding the safari and its accompanying rifle. So I asks myself, "What would you take?"

I've had a crush on the express version of this for a long time, and as Kim has said before, I will have to wait for the lottery to get with the program before it is MINE. Oh, and make it in the 9.3x74R chambering. I need a good medium for my armory.

Of course, I have little interest in visiting Africa because of its lack of political stability, not to mention the god-awful paperwork with customs and checking of baggage/gun with the airline.

I believe that I could be quite happy with hunting North American game until I no longer have the capacity to walk, and be quite content. An elk, mounted european style on the mantle would be perfect.

Now, where IS that ticket?

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Welcome to the Club

I do have some sympathy for this guy, but what he is failing to understand, I think, is that he is no longer a police officer, so there ends his sovereign immunity with regards to "the Law." Sucks to be on the other side, dunnit?

He has but two options. Leave that socialist hell-hole (by way of moving to one of the freer municipalities in the area), where Hizoner Daley reigns, or, better yet, get the hell out of Illinois altogether. I suppose, alternatively, that spear-heading a campaign to expose Hizoner and the rest of the corrupt asswipes...oh, who am I kidding? This is Chicago, can it ever really get scrubbed enough to be considered clean?

I can only hope that he will keep his voice loud and clear, and get others to take notice about this. The rights that keep the citizenry safe were spelled out a long time ago and it is only the citizenry's active practice of those rights that will ensure that they are not trampled upon. Throw out the dictators, and regain your ground. We are not a spectators, but, as Jefferson was fond of pointing out, "...all power is inherent in the people; that they may exercise it by themselves in all cases..." active participants in the shaping and solidity of our republic. If our law can be written to prohibit a natural right, than it can surely be unwritten.

Stop trying to slap bandages on the open wounds of the bubonic infection. Instead, try curing the problem, not the symptom. Cure it by asking of the general citizenry to back up the cops, and become the cops themselves. Empower the citizenry instead of trying to subjugate them. Let them participate without threat of arrest under false color of the law, under some arcane notion of 'impeding' law enforcement.

If he doesn't like the weight of his chains, well, only he can throw off the shackles. I can only hope that he comes to his senses.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

What He Said.

I can only say that Kevin Baker has put into words, that which I have been, for the last several years, only ruminating about.

I am only left in askance of one thing after reading the ENTIRE post, replete with links (Oh god is it longgggg), what will be that last straw?

I covered this exact topic with a co-worker a couple of weeks ago; the election of Hitlery in '08.

Mark my words.

I'm already packing for the exodus to the new Land of the Free.

Monday, December 19, 2005

I'm a piano whore

I had two meetings on site this morning that went well enough, but when I got back to the office, I didn't feel much like working.

On went the headset, to ease the grinding through of the dreaded email. What did I pick?

Liszt and Chopin. All day.

Jesus-Fucking-Christ do I love this shit. Got me all worked up, in a deranged, Charles Manson kind of way. I am convinced that both Chopin and Liszt were both completely insane, drug abusers and must have been possessed. I felt the urge to tear off someone's head after listening to track 9, Mazurka 4 in B minor. Maddening!

I've never heard such desolation mixed with anxiety.

Liszt just plain scares me. Makes me want to lock myself in a room and bolt it shut for a few hours.

Maybe another round tomorrow.