Saturday, December 24, 2005

'Tis the Season

Oh, what the Hell. I'll play along.

Not that Kim is my favorite blogger or anything, OK that's a lie, he IS my favorite, but that is beside the point. His post just got me to thinking about his previously posed question regarding the safari and its accompanying rifle. So I asks myself, "What would you take?"

I've had a crush on the express version of this for a long time, and as Kim has said before, I will have to wait for the lottery to get with the program before it is MINE. Oh, and make it in the 9.3x74R chambering. I need a good medium for my armory.

Of course, I have little interest in visiting Africa because of its lack of political stability, not to mention the god-awful paperwork with customs and checking of baggage/gun with the airline.

I believe that I could be quite happy with hunting North American game until I no longer have the capacity to walk, and be quite content. An elk, mounted european style on the mantle would be perfect.

Now, where IS that ticket?


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