Monday, January 16, 2006

Blood in the Water

While listening to Cam Edwards today on the radio, my blood quickly came to a rolling boil upon him reporting the news that the WaPo has spewed forth with their usual tripe about the all-important topic of "gun-control," in a sophmoric attempt at painting the issue with obfuscation, lies, false fact quoting and heart-tugging lines from dead politicians.

At once, I want to wring their silly little necks for even thinking about trying this. That would be both the politicians and the journos, for even writing such a piece. Michael Bloomberg, you are on the list too, BTW, for similar antics in your recent remarks regarding a desire at implementing New York style gun-control to the rest of the country by taking your message to, “every capital of every state that permits guns to flow freely across its borders.”

On second thought, fuck it, let 'em do it. I dare them. Bring it the fuck on, pussies!