Thursday, February 16, 2006

Who's to blame this time?

I suppose that the counsel for this dirtbag is also going to claim that it wasn't his client's fault, it's somehow the Father-in-law's fault (he is the owner) or the gun manufacturer's or, oh Hell, fill in the fucking blank anyway.

What kind of lying, media whore of an attorney says this kind of shit? Where do they find these ambulance chasers, Vanderbilt?

Shakespeare had the right idea, rope, tree, attorney, some assembly required.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Democrats acting up in public?, you must be mistaken

I've always claimed that acting like 5-year-old spoiled brats is what they always do anyway, but that would make me just another hateful and judgemental SOB from Red America, wouldn't it? I could cover more of the relevant points to Rob Smith's linkage, but I think that leaving it alone and letting the Donks show their true colors is far more telling.

Actually, I just can't wait until they've pushed too far, so the dispensation of hot lead can be...I mean, so I can smack them down in public.