Friday, March 24, 2006

Our brand is What?

I was almost incredulous as I listened to the radio on my drive home from work last night. I don't have much of a choice on the commercial radio channels(does anyone?), so in the rare instances that I do turn it on, it is usually tuned to NPR. Not that I am an avowed listener, nor do I necessarily like the message that is slathered with their typical leftist drivel, but there is some good information to be gleaned from observation of their actions, if one is able to bear it.

I found their story on Our Brand is Crisis to be illuminating. Maybe I should substitute troubling, in lieu of illuminating, as troubling it is. Robert Siegel starts with a scene more reminiscent of a black-clad, door kicking, covert operations team preparing to storm a crack house, or a hippie commune for growing weed. Instead, he is referring to the atmosphere surrounding the elections of 2002 in Bolivia, of all places, and the "For Hire" team of JBT's, uh..., Political Advisors, that had been organized. Let's just say that having Greenberg Carville Shrum on your payroll may make some look at you in askance of where your allegiance lies.

I have never liked James Carville. I don't like his cue ball looking head. I don't like his fake sounding southern accent, even if he is a true southerner. I don't like his viper-like personality, and I certainly disapprove of his undying support for BJ Boy Bill, but to hear him blathering on and on about how best to pitch the image of his (far-leftist, amid a sea of leftists, so this IS something) candidate, in a foreign election, borders on, dare I say, Treason.

Something to think about while I am looking for the right size rope.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

For once, I disagree

The problem that I have with Kim's post is not so much a philosophical one, but one of practice.

It seems to me that what he is trying to get at is electing the candidate that we, as a conservative base, want, and put that candidate in front of the general electorate. While I like his idea on principle, that tends to pull the platform too far to the right. The primary voting technique that he is imploring the rest of us to implement is not that much off of what the Donk base has been doing since, well, long before Clinton.

We tend to be a nation of moderates with a nice bell shaped curve of people across the board. This was taught to me in the gawd-awful poli-sci classes in public school, but seems rather sensible when one thinks about it. There are very few radicals on the extreme ends, as Kim noted. It is reasonable to assume that the middle is filled with superior numbers in relation to the extremes. It is therefore logical to go after the "extreme middle", by way of tempering the platform, in an effort to conform to the greatest spread of voters.

Putting up a true conservative is NOT going to keep the Republican party in the White House. As hard a concept as it is to grasp, and as repugnant as it is for the rest of us to swallow, a moderate candidate (instead of pandering TO the party line) is what the Elephant has to have. Trying to sugar-coat the thing and make it palatable is the great trick here. RINO for dinner, again, it seems, just keep the McCain and Chafee (that is DemLite) off of the serving dish.

The Donks tried, and succeeded admirably, with BJ Boy. They simply floundered when they attempted it with Gore, by way of adding Lieberman as VP, but when he opens his mouth, too much of, well, Gore comes out. Same thing with that empty suit Kerry. Lipstick on a pig and a tutu doesn't change the animal one bit. The far left wants desperately to get the WH back, and will do most anything to get it. I am not sure who will be their man come 2008, but I am almost positive that he isn't on the radar yet, ala Clinton in, say, 1990.

If nothing else, the Donks are smart. They will look for someone who can be pushed by the big media (Ace in the hole for us here with the internet prevalence these days) by virtue of the utter lack of profile. If there is no stereotype to overcome, then they have a tabula rasa from which to paint over, a much more convenient place from which to start. No need in trying to redress Hillary as anything more than the '60's commie, left-wing radical from Wellesley, even though that IS who they want. That cat has already been let out of the bag.

So the worst that we can now do is put up some schmuck who can barely put together four or five coherent words together (George, call your office) to form a complete sentence just so we can have a candidate that we are more comfortable with. This will leave the door wide open for some slick talking control freak professional politician (guess who?) to swoon all of The Stupid into voting for her. And then there is the bad haircut that stood next her for eight years. Yeah, bad idea indeed.

Furthermore, Kim is completely correct with his assumptions on where we'd be headed if the likes of Hitlery ever got her filthy socialist hands on the levers of power. A scary thought indeed.

An empty suit with Condi as Veep is looking like the correct menu to be serving come Nov. '08. We can only hope.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Yet more proof that gun control doesn't work

Must get Leo's reaction to this. Sure bet he will have some typical leftist bullshit to obfuscate, triangulate, or otherwise outright LIE, in an attempt at "getting the truth out," or whatever the Donks/NewLabour/Collectivist crowd is howling this week.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

He has the right idea.

As usual, Kim has hit the mark perfectly. I have some strong feelings about this subject and Kim is definitely correct with his position: bail out, take your employees elsewhere, find a more accommodating municipality and refuse to sell, service, or even talk to the gun-fearing assholes, ever again.

This strategy is being implemented currently by Ronnie Barrett, and he is on to something here, and it seems that a few of the other makers are making note of it. He has been selling more .50's to individuals lately after getting the word out. CZ came to KCK just a few years ago, leaving the cesspool of Kalifornia in the process.

I hope this idea gains traction elsewhere, as those of us in the land of the free need all the help we can afford to buy.