Friday, March 24, 2006

Our brand is What?

I was almost incredulous as I listened to the radio on my drive home from work last night. I don't have much of a choice on the commercial radio channels(does anyone?), so in the rare instances that I do turn it on, it is usually tuned to NPR. Not that I am an avowed listener, nor do I necessarily like the message that is slathered with their typical leftist drivel, but there is some good information to be gleaned from observation of their actions, if one is able to bear it.

I found their story on Our Brand is Crisis to be illuminating. Maybe I should substitute troubling, in lieu of illuminating, as troubling it is. Robert Siegel starts with a scene more reminiscent of a black-clad, door kicking, covert operations team preparing to storm a crack house, or a hippie commune for growing weed. Instead, he is referring to the atmosphere surrounding the elections of 2002 in Bolivia, of all places, and the "For Hire" team of JBT's, uh..., Political Advisors, that had been organized. Let's just say that having Greenberg Carville Shrum on your payroll may make some look at you in askance of where your allegiance lies.

I have never liked James Carville. I don't like his cue ball looking head. I don't like his fake sounding southern accent, even if he is a true southerner. I don't like his viper-like personality, and I certainly disapprove of his undying support for BJ Boy Bill, but to hear him blathering on and on about how best to pitch the image of his (far-leftist, amid a sea of leftists, so this IS something) candidate, in a foreign election, borders on, dare I say, Treason.

Something to think about while I am looking for the right size rope.


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