Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I guess that I have been tuned out for a few days, as work's had me busier than a two bit French whore with the local Naval unit on shore leave, but I'm still surprised I missed it. I don't remember hearing anything about it on any of the major networks. Big surprise.

I think Bill Quick is right on with the probe and dry run thing, and a comparison to the Beslan massacre is no hyperbole either. If there is one thing these jihadis know, it's how the media works. They didn't fly planes into some remote area back in '01, they didn't just fly them into any building, either. They flew into the most high profile buildings (in more than one respect) in the city that the cameras are always on. It was done for the news coverage that would be generated; for calculated effect. That is how they figured to make us cower, not at the taking of 3,000 lives, but the thought of it happening anywhere, and everywhere, thanks to the CNN effect of media, constant updates and reminders of what can happen.

My wife sometimes thinks I'm a little paranoid when I start talking about making another bulk ammo buy after these types of incidents, but, as they say, you can never have too much ammo. Ever! Another case of SA 7.62x51 surplus for me, thank you very much.

Looks to me like a Wyoming homestead and homeschooling for this family in the not too distant future.

H/T to Mike Hendrix at Cold Fury for the link to the story.


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