Thursday, May 25, 2006

Stop the presses, this just in...

In what will surely be billed as a bold new move to secure a "dignified living," or some other such nonsense, for ALL people, the BritGov is considering raising the minimum retirement age!!! Yippie. Tony Blair is a genius.

Fucking socialist pigs.

Read any good Orwell lately? Oh, that's right, you NewLabour pukes can't read, I forgot.

If the number of babies they've been havin' for the last two generations isn't enough to cover their "compassionate social programs," (this model kinda went out of style after the Soviets PROVED THAT IT DIDN'T WORK) we'll just up the ante on the time required for the slave labor to continue. The populace can handle it, they are living longer, you know. Brilliant.

It's all in the packaging, I tell you.


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