Monday, June 26, 2006

Pretext, huh?

With a H/T to Kevin at The Smallest Minority for the specific passage in his post that got me to thinking, to wit:

"If the majority of Muslims do in fact believe that an apocalyptic conflict with the west is inevitable, then 1, it is indeed inevitable, and 2, let the apocalypse begin.

If genocide is unavoidable, I choose genocide against my enemies rather than myself.

There will be one more massive outrage from the Religion of Peace, and then things are going to go rather badly for them.

Okay, let me not be so coy and cute. I am just about ready to give my blessing to a genocidal nuclear strike on the majority of the Muslim world, and I suspect many of my countrymen are similarly itchy-fingered.

One more. One more fucking mass-murder. Go for it, boys. Give us the excuse. Some of us suspect it's inevitable and the only way to finally get it through your primative heads that we will no longer put up with being murdered by savage animals, but we need the moral pretext. We need the hot anger of fresh provocation.

So do it. If you are incapable of sharing the earth peacefully, then we will have to absent you from it. And when the nuclear fire rains down on you, you can cry out to your God and ask him "What have we possibly done to deserve this?"

In 50 years Americans will look back in horror at what we've done, just as they did 50 years after Hiroshima; but then, we'll have peace for 50 years. I'll exchange some guilt for safety."
[My emphasis.]

I guess that I had resigned myself to that position long ago.

Funny, the thought doesn't really bother me the way he says it will. The DOING of it doesn't really bother either. The guilt thing he is presuming is non-existant from my perspective, even though it may be from other, like-minded, individuals.

The real issue for me is not the toll that they will take, but the reactions from those on this side of the globe will inevitably make. I have a good idea about what some of them will say, and a fear of what they might do. It is this polits doing that has me concerned, because all of their blather about being pacifists (Craig Rosebraugh story here) has always struck me as utter bullshit.


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