Thursday, June 15, 2006

Standing tall before The Man..

except, in this instance, that would be ME!

The Kraut and I don't as yet have kids (though we are working on it), but I am almost positive that they'll be homeschooled. Our schools are supposedly some of the best in the state (and let me state here that the socialists (yes, we have these, even in Kansas) like to fight about the funding issue), but I am aware of the criteria for determining such rankings, and they are dubious, to say the least.

I am a product of public schools, but I can't be sure that most of the product these days is of the same quality, and that little piece is really starting to show, in general.

I seem to remember whilst in high school, one day my 11th grade English teacher made the totally shocking announcement to the class regarding an assignment, "We will sink or swim together!"

I sat, mouth agape. Quietly, instantly, contemplating the ramifications of this. My reaction; "Bullshit!" I said quietly to myself, in the same instant. NO WAY I'M LETTING THIS CLASS PULL ME DOWN. That thought crossed my mind, as I knew this was an effort for group study and pairings for assignments. The stupid kids with the smart ones, and so on.

International law?, are you fucking kidding me?

My ire grows each day.

I'll never let the UN, or anyone for that matter, tell me how best to educate my child.

I'm smart, I'm armed and I know right from wrong. Molon Labe.


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