Thursday, July 27, 2006

I hope all you Commie Motherfuckers die!

Dennis Kucinich included. He is a RatBastardCommieMotherFucker who has never had an original idea of his own, ever, in the history of his life. This number is straight out of the Little Red Book.

That is all.

H/T to Billy Beck for the link.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Whatever you're drinking,

swallow it first, lest it end up on the screen. after reading this.

And another one over the left field fence for Billy Beck with the Paine reference.

Schorr claims that he has, "an institutional belief that nobody can be above having a good editor," and you know what, I believe it. No one who says those sorts of things could ever think anything BUT that.

I wonder if any of these media types consider an ability to, ya know, actually THINK and maybe put together a few coherent original THOUGHTS as being any kind of prerequisite for being a reporter.

When the war between us and them breaks out, I WILL be caving these people's skulls in with my bare hands, knowing that I am doing future generations a favor by removing the inferior genes from the pool.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Yet more inanity from the San FranSickos

I commented some time ago on similar manipulations of the public trust, but this takes the whole idea to another level.

In what will no doubt be billed as triumph of "political will" over the dark forces of capitalistic greed, or some other such nonsense, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and that piece of shit mayor, Gavin Newsom, have decided that good old Red-Communism is just too good of a deal to let die in the political cuspidor, having been thoroughly masticated and spat out by its eastern european stalwarts as it was found to be the most rotten, vile thing that one could possibly ingest, politically. They proceed with their grand plans, and all other things (meaningful jobs and income) be damned.

The Munckin Wrangler has an excellent analogy of the situation posted over at his site. I would think that everyone with the mental capacity of a rational ten year old child could understand it, but I am probably giving too much credit to the Goddamn Politicians.

H/T to Tam for the link to Marko.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Calling Jules Winnfield

Kevin Baker's post was cryptic, and I have to admit, it is damn hard to read Protein Wisdom at times, as Jeff seems to post his thoughts in a stream-of-conscienceness, at times.

After tracking my way backwards through the muck and goo, reading the goings on of the situation all the way, I figured out what the all the hullabaloo was, right about here. After absorbing the enormity of the thing, I came to the same conclusion as Mr. Baker.

Then it went downhill from there.

The Blogosphere, being the small world that it is, I stumble across the same subject while reading some stuff over at Billy Beck. His take on the situation is that it is a "Rehearsal." I can't disagree with him, even though, by his measures (related to age, not experience), I have never seen the way things used to be, and am, therefore, lacking context. It doesn't matter in the least.

That link only got me to grinding my teeth at the imbeciles, and doing strange web searches (try "arm yourself to the teeth" and see what you get), where I found the following, which lead me to think of this quote, from the best movie of all time,

"It's shit like this that's going to bring this situation to a head."

Which got me to thinking about this essay.

We're doomed. At least they are. I'm getting ready for critical mass here. They are deluded enough to think that it will be a bloodless, and popular revolution.

Ain't gonna happen.

Saturday, July 08, 2006


While reading Billy Beck at Two--Four yesterday he linked to this.

I am utterly fucking speechless.

This guy has a temerity that I have NEVER seen before. I can not even begin to explain the holes that are in his "theory", since his "model" (Note to prick: you may want to learn a few things about how to do this correctly first) is so bereft of accuracy. That many holes. I just don't know where to start.

I am no longer worried about the terrorists. I know where they stand, what they want and their tactics. I am worried about those on this shore who spread this kind of propaganda like the disease it truly is. They will need eradicating, just like the virulent epidemics of eons past. I just hope I am young enough to join when the "cure" comes around.