Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A Sliver of Light

It is always interesting reading Billy's take on a subject, and I can almost always get a good quote from him, to wit:

Voting isn't going to do it, for all the reasons stated above, and their long-run implications. We really are past that now, and nobody who doesn't realize this is in any position to actually help. They're just making noise while the ship goes under.

And true it is. The masses, I believe, do not carry enough weight between that narrow, hollow space between their ears to effectively vote, because that would mean that each one would actually know what the problems were, what the solutions being offered were, and actually knowing what might happen if it all goes wrong. This is not how it works now. The public can not be trusted to make sound decisions about these kinds of things because almost all of them have some type of compensation/entitlement attitude about what the oily politicians are promising. It's that or they just don't see things the same way about the way you run your life, and think that they are entitled to run it for you.

There is, of course, good reason for all of the blow-hard style politicking. It is good for business. The more and better a politician talks, the more he is promising, the more votes he garners (Bill Clinton was a master at this). THAT is what infuriates me. People who listen to smooth-talking politicians and buy all of the rhetoric, and think they are being given some sort of gift in the process.

That is why Billy thinks it is impossible to vote our way out of the current mess.

The problem is, I agree with him.


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