Thursday, August 31, 2006

This explains it almost perfectly

When the Professor's own philosophy is viewed in the plain light for what it really is, one can easily see that he is calling out, from the sideline, a play straight out of the Little Red Book. Simultaneously, he is playing silly partisan politics by his attempt at vilification of the right-wing by contending, not proving, that they support a system that, "worsen(s) a system in which a small number of people control obscene quantities of wealth and power at the expense of the vast majority." Note the implicit vilification of the acquisition of money by the use of the word "obscene" at describing the amount, as well as framing it in the context of somehow it being stolen by using the phrasing, "at the expense of the vast majority."

The underlying argument being presented by this same Professor (Dr.?) Hellie (Cornell, Ivy League commie scumbag, shocker!) is even scarier than that being portrayed by Mr. Porretto, I think. What I really fear is that this guy is convinced that everyone around him, and definitely we individualists, are little more than vermin, and he has proclaimed himself superior as a result. What a Jesus complex.

I've got news for this dimwitted schmuck, it's all just a rehearsal. I'm sure he thinks he'll be on the winning side too. One step closer, I tell ya.



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