Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Example of why this is going to be a shooting war soon

I occasionally ramble through leftist blogs, kinda my version of "slumming" ala Great Gatsby.

I check out this idiot from time to time, because frankly, he never disappoints me with his dipshit "opinions" and links to other, similarly mendacious, idiots, where I ran across this quote:

"Most of all, I find it humiliating to live in a country where Henry Kissinger can go outside without being spit on by hundreds of concerned citizens."

Charming, isn't it.

Tell me, why is it that when the Libs do something similarly stupid, we who don't approve (I caution the use of such terms as conservatives, Republicans, or the much derided neocon, as they are not descriptive of my allegiances) are told to go hide under a rock and threatened with punishment for voicing our justified opinions to the contrary, but when the left doesn't approve of certain actions, well, all bets are off. They believe they can do absolutely whatever it is that they want, by god, including the aforementioned, and clearly advocated, physical humiliation(s).

Yesterday, while looking through the archives at Gates of Vienna, I noticed an important post, titled Visualize Industrial Collapse. I read through the post, which is now over a year old and noticed something. It seems that we (that would be those of us who are, er.., equipped, let's say) aren't the only ones who are thinking about this coming conflict. There is definitely a hardline leftists, and defeatist, vein of these folks out there.

Then seeing others talking about it. I just didn't think there were that many others out there like me with the whole list thing going on.

Guess it pays, or will pay, to be organized.


Blogger NotClauswitz said...

Control the gas stations and the Prius drivers won't have enough juice for a Molotov Cocktail - and since they don't advocate gun ownership what will they have, certified-rainforest blow-guns and genuine voo-doo chicken-bones?

7:07 PM  

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