Friday, October 06, 2006

I'm wondering, how tall is Olbermann?

Olbermann is delusional.

Lying? At about 4:00 minutes into his tirade, Olbermann spews forth, "The premise of a President, who comes across as a compulsive liar," taken, admittedly, out of context, is beyond hypocritical there Keith.

Perhaps you were asleep from about 1993 to, say, around January of 2001? Do you remember that fat guy named Clinton?

Perhaps you would like to do as Billy Boy did and deflect the argument? Maybe you want to talk about the Constitution and how Bush has, "savaged the very freedoms that he claims to be protecting,"(4:25) and how your boy never did anything like that. Uh, yeah, sure. Keep repeating that line to yourself. Someone is bound to believe it.

Olbermann is a chump. He is an asshole. He is clearly a partisan hack, and he always will be. He has no idea about how many times in the last dozen administrations the Constitution has been attacked with a hatchet, and used as bumwad, yet he insists, and frames it as such, that Bush is the sole criminal here. Idiot.

So, I ask again, how tall is Olbermann? The reason? I am wondering what kind of reach he has. He's a former sportscaster, he'll know what I mean, and the real news is that he isn't the only one who can dispense the cheap shots.


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