Wednesday, October 11, 2006

So funny, it's almost laughable...

that anyone, save Short Il Dong, or whatever his name is, could take this seriously.

There are just a few points to be made here:

First, and most importantly, Kim Il Dong is certifiable. Nobody can argue this point. It's important, however, because it effects the rest of the decisions and conclusions that can be made about the situation hereafter.

Second, because he is mad, Shorty can not make rational decisions. He knows that the rest of world views him this way. This makes his ridiculous gestures at using a nuke, in any capacity, on whomever, look like the proverbial nutcase-with-the-finger-on-the-button rogue that he is. Again, he is using that to his advantage, and will continue to do so until he is no longer surrounded by the floodlights of the international media. He loves this as well.

Third. He can not resist the temptation, now that he actually has the capability to do so, with the idea of detente with the United States. His ego is flying high.

Fourth. It was a move he had to make. Mostly, I think, because of what George has repeatedly said about NorK (axis of evil and all that), and the overwhelming evidence of what happened to the last dictator (think, dude with the mustache). He isn't wanting to go down that same path, and this was his ticket, or so he thinks.

He isn't going to do a damn thing with his bomb(s). He is insane, but he realizes the stakes, and he knows he's on the losing end of it. So, we are simply at a stalemate with him, until he runs out of friends (China isn't going to back him too seriously, lest they jeopardize their cash cow, as Tam so eloquently pointed out). And since they have limited land (read, resources here), he will just keep the status quo for as long as he can hold out.

Nothing but some saber rattling here, move along.


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