Monday, November 27, 2006

Fitting, I think...

to post something about this, on my birthday.

I read Kim's post, and laughed. Not because it was funny, but because it's true. I know more people who can't do anything for themselves anymore, and it's that way for no other reason than they just don't care enough to learn. They don't want to get their hands dirty for sure, but they are usually too caught up with what kind of image or class is associated with whatever it is they are paying someone else to do for them, be it changing a light bulb, cutting their own grass or fixing their own car.

My dad taught me everything he knows about automobiles. That's important, I think. He taught me to pay attention to what he was doing when I was about 5 years old, and I'd stick my head under the hood with him. After watching him do things as simple as oil changes and new plugs, I knew that I'd at least be able to do those things, for myself, when needed. After a few years, he got me into turning wrenches. We started doing a LOT of that by the time I was 10 or so, as the POS Ford pickup that he drove at the time, though not very old, was in constant need of attention for one reason or another. I hated that damn thing. It always seemed to break down in winter, and it gets cold in Kansas City! Shift tube for the three-on-the-tree shifter? I did two of those! Clutch and pressure plate? At least it was summer, but man, that tranny was heavy. I got to do the oil changes after a while, and my work was scrutinized during and after. I had to do it right.

Several cars passed through our family's possession over the years, with my responsibilities growing with each one. Eventually, I purchased my own beater and slowly restored a car, rebuilding the entire vehicle while working my way through architecture school. I turned a rust-bucket into this.

It disturbs me when I see people in public who are obviously too stupid to do things that aren't all that hard, like drive in a straight line, and get upset, to the point of wanting to go fisticuffs (I wish they'd start following through), when I honk to point out their deficiencies. This is a minor point for sure, but it shows me that more people just don't care about having tangible skills anymore.

Before I reached age 20, I had largely mastered rough and finish carpentry, learned to wire a house, set a toilet, and could certainly change an EFFING LIGHTBULB.

So, why do I continue to change my own oil, when I now have the resources to have someone else do it? Mostly because I don't want someone screwing it up what I know I can do better and cheaper. Most look at me like I have some sort of problem when I tell them this. My response is usually, "What the hell is wrong with people?"

So what does any of this have to do with my birthday? My dad taught me how to do almost all of it. I know you're not going to read this, but thanks Dad.

This is odd

I am 34 today.

Normally, I wouldn't even mention such things, as I no longer have any of those adolescent "milestone" birthdays. I've long regarded the passing of such events as being irrelevant, but on my blog rounds today, I noticed this.

Now, Billy has become one of my favorites stops over the last couple of years, largely because I almost always agree with him regarding such things as philosophy and politics. It's now apparent that I also share a birthday with him, albeit sixteen years apart.


Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thoughts on the next acquisition

I've been ruminating about this subject for a long while. How long I don't know precisely, but let's just say many months. And in light of the recent elections, I am not one to hold much hope for the Blue Party keeping their meddling mitts off of the gun control "button" for any length of time, so I've made more of a commitment at an addition to the armory before the 110th Congress officially convenes come January. As I stated earlier, I've been contemplating this one for quite a while and the one question that has kept recurring to me regarding this is, what are the holes in my armory that need filling?

So, what shall the next purchase be?

Acquiring that .45, finally? I know, no self-respecting man can be without a .45 pistol, and I should check to see if I still have gonads, blah, blah, blah. I just have never thought it all that important when I've had my 9mm's stuffed with 15 rounds of Cor-Bon, or my 4", .357 at hand. Go figure. I do have a serious thing for the Kimber Desert Warrior. MSRP is higher than the teats on a giraffe and street price is only marginally lower, and I'm not sure I want to part with 1G, just for a .45, as there are at least of couple of other choices that run considerably less, but I'd only have to buy the Kimber once, for sure.

A carbine, with extended fire capacity? I'd want something with a short barrel, 16", quad rail forend and a flat-top for an Aimpoint or EOtech. I like DPMS just fine, and I'm sure that I can order exactly what I'd want, but I'd really prefer to get a production model. Maybe something from Bushmaster. I need to do more homework on this one. Definitely getting a Beta-C mag, assuming I acquire an arm to fire it.

That .44 Magnum high country revolver I've been lusting after? I was sold after groping this one, for at least a couple of years now.

I desperately need a .22 revolver, and I'd like one with a similar feel to my .357, so I'm leaning toward this. Note for S&W, lighten up on that price, will ya?, or at least supply some lube!

I'm am also in need of a top drawer .22lr bolt action rifle. Hell, any bolt .22lr would really do, as I haven't one at all. That is an eggregious hole in one's collection, as far as I'm concerned, though I have a couple of semis that do nicely. I really like this one.

Of course, there are a couple of project guns which I already own that could use improvement, like my RomAK. No laughing! It was a decent buy when I picked it up in early '98, and in the post-ban configuration, of course, but I was looking for something that was just a lead thrower in a military pattern at the time, and it works. It has a rather poorly executed parkerized finish, though not as bad as that painted-on crap I've seen on others. The front sight is slightly canted to the left, as are many that I've noticed. That needs to be addressed, but what I'm really after is improving a lot of the poor ergonomics of the damn thing, namely ditching that damn butthole stock, throwing a list of compliant 922(r) parts at it so as to fit a VLTOR stock and pistol grip, along with a Krebs quad-rail forend, forward vertical grip fitted with a pressure switch actuated light and a refinish to a flat brown/gray would do it. Maybe top it with this, for that authentic Ruskie look.

Any additions or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Saw it coming

I was speculating earlier about what would be the first thing the Donks wanted to get going on their agenda, and all I can say is, "Called it!"

Like it was really all that hard to do. The Idiots are as predictable as they are stupid.

Sled ride to hell, yeah, that's it. Bastards.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

This kind of thing still amazes me

Why? Because of statements like this:

Dennis is one of the very few good members of Congress

Even taken out of context, it hardly matters. In case anyone has any confusion, Dennis Kucinich is an avowed Socialist, in deeds if not words, as he stands for everything that socialism is, and advocates. One need only look at what he has voted for in the past, and his stand on current issues. Therefore he is clearly NOT one of good guys.

However, when considering the source for the above linked comment, the drooling and fawning over such characters should come as no surprise, I suppose.

It all looks so good on paper, ya see, so how could us troglodytes not like it. BAH!

It's National Ammo week, and my order is ready, thank God!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Out on the wrong side of the bed

If I didn't know better, I'd think that someone had relieved themselves in Billy Beck's corn flakes.

I know it's bad and all, and I don't hold much hope either, but man, is he in a piss poor mood.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Truly, an achievement

I had been following Lance's preparation somewhat over the last couple of months when I heard about him wanting to run at the NYC marathon. It really did interest me, as I was anxious to see if he could make a transition to a different endurance sport. I initially figured he could go under 3 hours, but after thinking for a while, thought that if his training was consistantly in the 60-70 miles per week range that he could go much faster. His lung capacity certainly wasn't going to be the limiting factor. He didn't disappoint.

Being a former competitive distance runner myself, I can say with absolute authority that a first-timer, doing it in under 3 hours is just spectacular.

When I was running the mile in track and 5k cross-country meets in high school, it always seemed like the opportunity just was never timed right, what with most of the better courses being in other cities, and the KC marathon is always in the middle October, the heart of the fall CC season, a no-go. I never ended up running one, though I did run a half once, right after graduation, and assuming the typical percentage slowdown on a second half, I theoretically could have gone just under 2:40, as I recall. It didn't seem like an important goal to have at the time, as I knew that my talents were at shorter distances and my training thusly followed. I no longer have the inclination to put in those miles, nor do I have the time, but looking back at the whole thing now, I wish that I would have tried it. Just once.

Monday, November 06, 2006


The subject is generally about that idolized commie motherfucker, Che Guevara, and he has some good stuff over there about that, but regarding communism more generally, I found this:

"Marxian beliefs when realized afford the greatest tool of the tyrant that modern day man has known. In order to exercise enough power to control an economy to that degree you necessarily have the power to control the individuals within that economy & most people do not have the will power to resist using that control. Sure, they rationalize it; it's just to hasten the ideal state, etc... but they use it just the same. & to the same ends. Those ends are invariably the limitation & in some cases the extinction of personal freedom. Whether it's the main goal or just an unintended consequence is irrelevant." [my emphasis]

That is unquestionably true. It really makes me wonder why these commie hipsters seem to be so glib about the highly apparent failure of not only this physical construct of communism, but the idea as well. One would think that after repeated failures, along the lines of maybe making Job question his beliefs, one might start to make the connection of one to the other. Guess not.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

I did my patriotic duty

Yesterday, the Kraut and I went to vote early, since she'll be absent on business for the week.

It was her first time getting to vote as a U.S. Citizen!

She was excited to do it, and more than a little nervous. Me,I was just proud of her.

I have now successfully converted a hoplophobic, nationalist German into a gun-owning, Pro-America voter. I think I can mark that down as a serious accomplishment.

Go vote on Tuesday. Participate, if only because you can, damnit!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Yet another example of why we're headed toward disaster

A couple of days ago I was writing about some stupid S.O.B.. While observing the feces throwing from the originator of the comment, a certain Jonathan Schwarz, I decided to take a run through some of his, er, stuff, scrolled down through his blog and found some really stupid shit here. I simply can't believe the mendacity of some people. One commentor, chosen randomly by me (almostinfamous), led me to his own website, here. Truly unbelievable. He then links to someone who he believes illuminates things.

These people read Das Kapital like it's the fucking Bible or something. They disregard anything even remotely capitalist as non-sense, and throw themselves at the feet of the almighty Marx, because, ya know, his shit looks so good on paper, dude!

Openly advocating the demise of the only economic system that has ever proven itself useful or even humane. Simply amazing.

Fucking wankers. Socialist pigs are just too smart for us, I guess.