Tuesday, December 12, 2006

"Everything in my power..."

Seeing this piece in the headlines today got me to thinking about something I was reading last week.

This got me to thinking about that FOX interview with Clinton and Chris Wallace recently, so I looked up the transcript. It's really amazing for me to see Bill Clinton on TV these days, doing the same schtick he did when he was in office.

I mean, after just reading that Reuter's piece, I really have to wonder if Bill believes everything he says. My guess is that he does, but only because he's caught up with with himself and can believe in the cognitive dissonance of his argument versus the facts.

The Srebrenica massacre was the result of a UN brokered deal. The Bosnians laid down their weapons, at the behest of the UN, and the they would be spared, and put under the protective custody of the blue-helmet "peacekeepers". That's what Bill would tell you anyway, but that isn't what happened. The Bosnians were handed over at some point (probably with the help of some rifles pointed in the right direction) to the Serbs by the Dutch forces, with the promise that the Bosnians would be kept under their (Serb) protection.

http://newsbusters.org/node/7841 (video clips)

Seems that he didn't do everything in his power to prevent this piece of genocide, yet I've seen him repeatedly take the credit for getting the Balkan wars under control. Bunch of BS if you ask me.

Friday, December 08, 2006


I've been tracking this story through several different sources since it began, and the whole thing just stinks.

I have a really clear understanding of what's been going on, the context of the matter, and the antecedents to this case just appall me. It's just very apparent that the cops have a serious ego problem, can't wait to look like good little minions to their superiors, putting their corrupted hands on by anyone, draggin them in to show off their "collar". It's pretty clear that they're in cahoots with the god-damned judge on this, too, the conniving bitch.

The ONLY way that amends can be made is for any of this outrage is for the cops directly involved, and the judge who signed the warrant, to serve some very hard time behind bars. End of fucking story!

H/T to Billy Beck.


Thursday, December 07, 2006

Man, does this sound familiar

I get this kind of crap all the time.

The first thing to come out of the mouth of an Unqualified® is, "Can't you just...(fill in the blank here)?", each and every time.

It makes no sense to most people when I try to explain this kind of thing to them, so it's hard for most to relate to what I'm getting at. So, I can only say that what I have to do professionally is come up with a solution to a problem, make at least a half-dozen revisions, or in some cases, completely different solutions to said problem and, more often than not, come back to the original fix. This irks me to no end, as I don't have patience for stupidity, so keeping copies of the changes and iterations of such along the way is very useful, I find, to wit:

"Those sticks are staying right there where they are, because I have a feeling we might need them again."
And yes, layer management, or at least understanding it, is crucial to what I do with AutoCAD on a minute by minute basis. Unfortunately, I have a hard time explaining this to my consultants.

Oh well, life is hard. I've long since gotten used to it.


Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Public Service Announcement

For those of you on the road who don't drive a manual transmission, this post goes out to you.

Those of us who actually know how to drive a real car, tend to have them equipped with a manual transmission, and we do this because we want to. It's a control thing, you see...ah fuck, nevermind, you wouldn't understand it even if I explained it.


It is painfully evident to us in the know, which of you have never been trained at this art, as you tend to drive with two feet with your automatic equipped vehicles. That is, your left foot's on the brake and your right is on the gas. Guess what? BOTH of those fucking pedals are supposed to be manipulated BY YOUR RIGHT FOOT ONLY, DUMBASS! Wanna know how I know? Try doing what you are doing in a stick. Go ahead, try it, KLUTZ! My advice is this, bolt your left foot to the floor, because that's where it belongs, idiot! QUIT DRIVING WITH YOUR BRAKE LIGHTS CONSTANTLY ON, YOU ARE DRIVING ME BAT-SHIT INSANE!

That is all.