Friday, December 08, 2006


I've been tracking this story through several different sources since it began, and the whole thing just stinks.

I have a really clear understanding of what's been going on, the context of the matter, and the antecedents to this case just appall me. It's just very apparent that the cops have a serious ego problem, can't wait to look like good little minions to their superiors, putting their corrupted hands on by anyone, draggin them in to show off their "collar". It's pretty clear that they're in cahoots with the god-damned judge on this, too, the conniving bitch.

The ONLY way that amends can be made is for any of this outrage is for the cops directly involved, and the judge who signed the warrant, to serve some very hard time behind bars. End of fucking story!

H/T to Billy Beck.



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