Thursday, December 07, 2006

Man, does this sound familiar

I get this kind of crap all the time.

The first thing to come out of the mouth of an Unqualified® is, "Can't you just...(fill in the blank here)?", each and every time.

It makes no sense to most people when I try to explain this kind of thing to them, so it's hard for most to relate to what I'm getting at. So, I can only say that what I have to do professionally is come up with a solution to a problem, make at least a half-dozen revisions, or in some cases, completely different solutions to said problem and, more often than not, come back to the original fix. This irks me to no end, as I don't have patience for stupidity, so keeping copies of the changes and iterations of such along the way is very useful, I find, to wit:

"Those sticks are staying right there where they are, because I have a feeling we might need them again."
And yes, layer management, or at least understanding it, is crucial to what I do with AutoCAD on a minute by minute basis. Unfortunately, I have a hard time explaining this to my consultants.

Oh well, life is hard. I've long since gotten used to it.



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