Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Public Service Announcement

For those of you on the road who don't drive a manual transmission, this post goes out to you.

Those of us who actually know how to drive a real car, tend to have them equipped with a manual transmission, and we do this because we want to. It's a control thing, you see...ah fuck, nevermind, you wouldn't understand it even if I explained it.


It is painfully evident to us in the know, which of you have never been trained at this art, as you tend to drive with two feet with your automatic equipped vehicles. That is, your left foot's on the brake and your right is on the gas. Guess what? BOTH of those fucking pedals are supposed to be manipulated BY YOUR RIGHT FOOT ONLY, DUMBASS! Wanna know how I know? Try doing what you are doing in a stick. Go ahead, try it, KLUTZ! My advice is this, bolt your left foot to the floor, because that's where it belongs, idiot! QUIT DRIVING WITH YOUR BRAKE LIGHTS CONSTANTLY ON, YOU ARE DRIVING ME BAT-SHIT INSANE!

That is all.


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