Saturday, March 24, 2007

I knew it would come to this

While over at Billy's, doing my usual reading, I spot this post. Normally this type of thing doesn't really raise my ire too much, as I have very little faith in the general populace, mostly from their own stupidity, of which I have absolutely ZERO control, and the reference to the cannibals at the pot would be most appropriate.

Then I click over to Balko's place via Billy's link, only to find the post previous to Billy's reference titled, "Puppycide", which piqued my interest, so I clicked it, which got my blood to boiling.

Now understand, despite my outward dot-net demeanor, I am one to the most soft-hearted persons anyone could ever get to know, and I have never met a dog that hasn't absolutely co-opted me as a surrogate master after more than 5 minutes with it in the same room. I have two dogs of my own, and they are both oversized lap dogs, with only a tendency to bark when startled, and neither has ever attempted to take a bite out of anyone over anything, including sticking your hand in front of their face while they are having chow. No shit here either. They just won't bite. They don't consider getting in the way of their food (and they DO like to eat) to be an egregious enough transgression on your part to even consider taking a pound of flesh for it. That is good. That is the way I want it and that is the way I have raised them both, from the same parents, since they were each about 6 weeks old. No bad habits for me to untrain, just a good, clean slate from which to raise a couple of lovable friends that are our surragate children. Suffice it to say that they are part of the family.

This got me to thinking about what was being "discussed" the other day at Billy's with a certain Lindsay Beyerstein, a self-professed "freelance writer based in New York City...provid(ing) daily (political) coverage...from a left liberal perspective". If anyone cares to drudge through the inane crap that the little bitch wrote about regarding exactly what she thought of Billy defending his property with hot lead, and the distinct possibility of him ventilating the bastard to the point of exanguination, one will be either enraged, or ready for a session of praying to the porcelain god, because she is convinced that only drug dealers or the like would ever need to defend themselves with a gun, or something.

I've got a little news for you, you fucking bitch, not only will I be defending my dogs, which in the eyes of the liberals' favorite critter, the god-almighty law, from harm by my use of a gun (if I'm in a less than charitalbe mood), but I'll be aiming to KILL any fucking governmental twit, like the ones in the "Puppycide" story above, and promptly removing their head from their shoulders thereafter. I will then quite proudly display their skulls on a pike from my front lawn.

Think I'm serious?

Fucking try me, Bitch!

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