Saturday, March 10, 2007

The short version of this story

Some time ago, this bit was taken to court, and the Blue Kool-Aid drinkers got off on the whole thing, thinking that it was some sort of omen about their wet-dream of disarming (and somehow by way of this making everyone safer) America.

Then, just yesterday, an appellate court overturns that decision.

Cries of judicial activism are pouring in from the eternally stupid and vows of a march to the Supreme Court are being touted by BOTH sides as a final arbiter of what will and will not be allowed (as if the court can actually do this), and that will be the end of it, with, again, BOTH sides claiming premature victory.

Here's a clue to everyone; The Supreme Court decides which cases it will hear, and this is not one of them. Why, you may ask? Because if they are smart (and they are), they aren't going to want to be the ones making any kind of line in the sand over this issue, or the previous decision. Another clue would be that the SC also lets far more inferior court ruling stand than it ever takes up for final review.

The SC doesn't want to even get close to this thing, folks. Forget about the adage of the 10-foot pole. This is something they don't even want to touch with something on the order of ten times that length, because they realize that it's far too polarizing an issue. If they are "caught" choosing sides, something BAD will happen. Better to let the lower court decision ride, and find some way of letting Congress or the city's Mayor do something to belay the decision. This is typical of any government agency, straight out of the Government Irresponsibility Playbook and only proves that they're a bunch of spineless twits.

The end product will be some kind of grayness, with the ban still somehow being in effect, despite this ruling. People will be able to purchase and keep them in their homes, with some sort of exorbitant permit, tax, registration or other silly restrictions, effectively keeping almost everyone from ever getting their hands on one legally.

Mark my words.

UPDATE, 8:08PM, March 10: Kevin Baker at the Smallest Minority says it better (and sooner) than I could.

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Blogger NotClauswitz said...

It's funny (well, not really funny, but jackass-backward har-har funny) that from an Left Kool-Aid activist standpoint they would scramble and seek to avoid this since judicial activism is so much their stock in trade. They don't seem to have much difficulty coming down in favor of other polarizing issues - but only because with their cultural lockstep mind-meld they are totaly blind to any reality of opposition. They think one-way and think everybody else does too.

6:00 PM  
Blogger theirritablearchitect said...

You got that right.

8:30 AM  

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