Thursday, May 24, 2007

Another reason for it all ending badly

For Christ's sake, why do people still think in this manner?


I can not describe my ire at talk such as this.

"Modest proposal," my ass, motherfucker. Insidious behaviour, on scale with the death that was doled out by the likes of both Stalin and Mao, except that you don't actually know anything about those little pieces of history, do you, Fuckstain? Don't know anything about that other little bit of socialism, often misdirected as "fascism" by the louts who write and read the news to the peasants on the evening news.

And why is it that just because, "everyone else is doing it", as Pearlstein implies by stating, "just about every other major oil-producing country is organized around state ownership," is it considered A-OK? Just because Hugo Chavez is doing it, let's do the same. Just because Fidel and Raul are doing it, let's do that too. Just because Robert Mugabe is doing it, let's do it as well. You see, the rest of the world is doing it, so it can't be all that bad, right?

The fucking lemming mentality. Fucking mental midget of the first order. And, obviously, a socialist.

I simply love how he equivocates the "need" of the government to get in on the oil business, its benevolence guaranteed by, "operat(ing) within a vibrant, private-sector dominated market," as if joining wouldn't have the dire, and completely intended, consequence of an authoritarian set of rules that would, no doubt, rub out all of that competition, by way of modern regulation. If anyone doubts that last bit, ask yourself what he means when he makes statements like, "expose(ing) collusive behavior."

Uh huh. Sounds just great.

Let's face it. Government, at its very root, doesn't like competition folks. It is expressly in the authority game for its own sake alone, and will not, ever, allow anyone else to "share" those reigns, at whatever it thinks it can control through coercion.

Fucking dolts.

I'm really looking forward to this whole thing spiraling out of control. I want to see how it all ends. I want to be the last Roman, watching the city burn from a hill, after the festering putrescence from within has already eviscerated it. It's fitting, somehow.

Time to get on the land acquisition thing I've been contemplating for a long while, now.

H/T to Billy Beck, here.

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