Thursday, June 07, 2007

Cretins among us

So, over the weekend, a local news story hits the airwaves about a teenage girl getting bum-rushed in a parking lot, in Johnson County of all places, thrown into her own car by the assailant, and driven away in broad daylight.

The car is found a mere two hours later, by family members it seems, across the street in another parking lot, not two blocks away.

No girl.

Area wide search ensues for the next 3 days. Then, yesterday evening, a break.

The authorities had been searching for a "person of interest" who was shown on surveillance video following the victim in and out of the Target store where she was shopping right before her kidnapping. After tips led to an ID of the perp, and the ensuing interview with same, the cops arrested him and found the body shortly thereafter, in a drainage ravine 20 miles from the site of the kidnapping.

Arraignment is being held this morning for the cretin.

I can't imagine what the family has been going through for the last 4 days. For someone to have to bury their daughter, at all, and especially in this manner, must be one of the most sorrowful events that I can conceive of.

In no way am I attempting to place any blame on the victim by saying what I am about to say, because that would be projecting the responsibility of her death, shifting it from the murderer to her. That said, this tragedy should illustrate the importance of staying vigilant with regards to your surroundings, at all times. Never let yourself fall into condition white, especially when you are away from your domicile. Things like this can happen anywhere, to anyone, at anytime.

Goblins are always on the lookout for easy prey, so should the righteous be on the lookout for them.

Check your six, and do it often.

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