Thursday, June 28, 2007

More Doltage

It appears that rabid gun-hater and Anti-Second Amendment blog troll extraordanaire, Jadegold, is berating the First Amendment now as well.

How nice.

He/She/It, specifically, is calling Don Gwinn all sorts of things, other than white and decent. The subject, generally speaking here, is the excellent novel Unintended Consequences, for which Jade seems to have no love. The non-descript wet bag attempting to pass itself off as a human also seems to have it in for John Ross, the author of said novel, calling him a "whackjob", all because Ross supposedly calls for, as he/she/it puts it, "assassinating law enforcement officers and elected officials," merely by writing about one of his characters doing that, in his book. Strange, as Ross' debut is a piece of fiction, and while there is definitely a lot of blood and killing in his book (I laughed through most of the killing too), and, how shall we say it, more than one Fed "gets whacked" along the way, it doesn't actually come right out and openly advocate for others to do same in meatspace, where us real people live.

Jadegold goes on to contradict himself/herself/itself, by saying, "I think it has escaped Don that Unintended Consequences is a novel."

Actually, it's Jade who has forgotten that it's just a book, albeit a well written one, but one with huge philosophical implications to be wrought over, as it should be. But I'm sure that is lost on Jade, otherwise he/she/it wouldn't have tried to make that silly point about advocating murder.

It strikes me as more than a little Stalinist to suggest that a book is somehow subversive to the extent that it should be banned, or burned on a pyre in the public square, or some other disgraceful act of thought control, as that is exactly what our friend over there at Left Rudder is getting at, whether he/she/it will admit it or not. Not even I think that all copies of the Communist Manifesto should be burned. Why lose that horrible lesson of history, when it can serve so well as a model of what not to do in the future?

Jade will probably be the next great internet twit to openly call for registration of authors, since, ya know, it's a law that will surely be for, "the good of all," or some other such nonsense. All this exercise really does is make him/her/it look like is a civil rights hating idiot. What an Effing moron.

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