Thursday, July 12, 2007

Orwell, spinning in his grave

Big Brother, controlling what you eat, for your own good, of course.

Feckless fucks will definitely be able to pull this off over in Ole Blighty, and the food police have already started in with it here as well, as most everyone knows. This behavior is a function of diseased thinking, and will only lead to pure misery. It's spreading too, which is maybe the only thing that will turn the whole thing around in the end, since banning food is something that people might be willing to push back on, but only if there are sweeping, draconian changes across the entire country, virtually simultaneously.

Nah, it'll work. Another nail in the coffin, then.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you're so concerned about an over powerful Orwellian government, why do you neo-cons seem so happy to let Dick Cheney tell you how to run your life? (i.e. the American public doesn't need to know what's going on in Abu-Ghraib, Gitmo or in the justice department "for your own good, of course".)

I thought Republicans used to be about small government?

8:38 AM  
Blogger theirritablearchitect said...

Well, AnonymousFuckstain, I'm thinking you aren't very aware of who I am, or what I believe, since anyone who knows me wouldn't be calling me a "neo-con", as I'm nothing of the sort, and definitely not a Republican. I just loathe that word, BTW, Neo-Con. It's just quite fitting that you fucking pus-filled maggot leftists, who claim to be so "tolerant", are quite intolerant of others, as evidenced by the outright branding of those with whom you disagree, with pejoratives. Shall I extend to you a list of names I'd like to use, like so many kiddies on the fucking playground?

What the FUCK did this story have to do with the color of your political stripe, anyway? It's about overreach, you dumbfuck, nothing more.

Just so you know, this whole bit or your's is contributing to the rather inevitable meltdown of this country, and the reason is your, and those like your's, insistence on the application of politics as the solution to every problem, real or, most likely, imagined. Here's the bigger problem, Fuckwit; I can't wait for it to start. Really, I can't wait.

I'm not alone.

10:29 AM  

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