Thursday, August 23, 2007

Governmentally created problems

I am sometimes caught completely off guard by how incredibly accurate some of my favorite authors have been about the state of affairs in this world today.

My mouth was agape at reading the referenced article. "Behavior Detention Officers"?!?! Brother is watching you and is going to throw you in the clink if the expression you're wearing isn't to his liking.

I remember reading Brave New World in high school and thinking it bizarre that the government would be actively drugging people, on a continual basis, when, at the time, there was a huge push, via the War on Drugs™, to get the word out about drug abuse and its attendent problems and the social ills that it supposedly creates. How naive I was.

Little did I, or anyone for that matter, know that in just a few years, the governmentally-run daycare camps would be administering Ritalin to the kiddies by the thousands, all across the country, sometimes without consent from their parents.

Next item on the agenda will be government provided healthcare non-sense, oh excuse me, that's "single payer", all wrapped up with a great-sounding title and media campaign. After that, we get the piss test, and they've already countered any arguments to the contrary about its purpose, as it, "help(s) federal law enforcement and other agencies track the spread of dangerous drugs, like methamphetamines," and all that other rot. They'll use this tripe for probable cause for entry or search warrants, just you wait.

Huxley, Orwell, Bradbury and Burgess were all fucking prophets, I tell ya.

H/T to Billy Beck, and I'll probably be the second person who gets profiled by these goons for flunking the facial attitude test.

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