Tuesday, September 25, 2007

More Media Losers

The outright bloviating that comes from the mouths, or in this case, the fingertips, of journalist astounds me. Take this bit;

Cranes loom over building sites...The relative stability is fostering development...investors are diving into this poor region full of untapped oil wealth, taking risks that would be unacceptable in a Western-style business environment...
Are you sure about that last bit, Mr.Wantstotellthestory Hisway? Last time I checked, there were bunches of people in the "Western-style" business arena who'd be more than happy to have the bureaubot dolts get the fuck outta their way, so that they could get a little more aggressive on business. Sounds like the Kurds have the right idea to me, but I'm just another one of those Capitalist Oppressors™ you Red Commie Bastards™ are always shrieking about. It sounds to me, after reading the rest of the article, that the Kurds are well on their way to joining the rest of us in the First World, given some time and not much else.

Another piece that definitely got my nose out of joint was the assertion that, somehow, government inspectors are needed to ensure quality in regards to the reconstruction efforts. I've got news for everyone on this bit, first hand, for about the last dozen years. Inspectors are either, A) Engineers who couldn't actually cut it in the real world, and have taken up the trade of extorting huge "Fees" from construction projects by issuing "Permits" or, B) more likely, the underling of said engineer who's gotten "accredited" by some agency to make said inspections and often didn't even graduate high school. Most of them, as I've found, can't form complete thoughts, much less put those thoughts down in any kind of coherent form on a piece of paper.

So, my contempt of governmental agencies aside, I guess I'm just a part of that poor, illiterate sub-culture of subjects who live in fly-over country. I suppose I'll just never understand the views of the coastal Feudal Lords. (Sniff, sniff)

Fucking idiot.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What was that, again?

On one of my daily, mandatory stops, I read this.

*Stops to rub eyes*

Rereads, sees the same thing;

"This kid was just flabbergasted that anyone might possibly object to the enormously important project of socialism referred to as 'universal health care'...I look at people like that and realize that there is simply no reasoning with them or anything else to be done about it, short of just getting out the rifles and starting shooting those fucking assholes right now. Words (and the concepts that they denote) just fail. Reason is completely impotent in the face of their sheer mindless attitudes...This punk is someone steeped in generations of socialist thought, completely without a care in the world for freedom, and there are untold millions of them"



I was beginning to think that I was the only one who actually openly spoke of such things.

He's right about the indoctrination too, and the dolts don't have a clue about any of it, nor the significance of the ramifications of what it is that they are trying to do, which is nothing short of chattel slavery.

They just can't get it through their thick skulls that what they are talking about, hell, what they are actively pursuing, is morally bankrupt. Since they've convinced themselves, by way of cognitive dissonance, that the idea is too good to be bad, they care not that they are engaging in outright thievery. They now view themselves as the modern day Robin Hood, or something. Take what they want, by way of law, of course, and spend it on their own pet "social programs", which make them feel better about themselves. Again, their shit looks SO good on paper, how could it possibly be bad? (snark)

I wonder if the "Kid" Billy is referring to, the one who's "flabbergasted that anyone might possibly object," has ever considered that what he is doing might not be nearly as altruistic as he thinks. I wonder if he's even considered the position, that he's actually stealing money from people, in order to give it away at his own discretion.

I have only one request of the situation regarding the aforementioned fighting, let's get on with it, shall we. One way or another, it's coming, and the longer this glacial creep is allowed to go, the less chance there'll be to set it back, as the Dark Side will have completed their indoctrination in another generation or two, and then the last, best hope for humanity will have been buried.

I'm not getting any younger.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Rojo Chavez makes another move

He started with fire and vitriol. He then gets in line as defacto dictator. His moves toward absolute power going well, he figures that silencing the opposition is probably a good deal. Not content with mass media control, he proceeds to rest control of the country's best revenue source, rendering private contracts moot, and now he's telling all the private schools that they're not following the party line closely enough.

In what can only be described as calling one straight out of the Red Party Playbook, Hugo Chavez is going to rein in the "free" learning in the non-governmentally run schools, and make them all learn their correct ABC's. That would be the Communist Mantra, since dissent can not be allowed within the confines of the Red Wall.

I guess the question now is, "What'll he do next?"

It's kinda fun to watch this retard put on this show, but my disgust at the situation and history behind such actions does not allow my pleasure to last, especially since the same shit is gaining momentum within our own borders.


Sharpen the bayonets and load up, while you still have time.

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Wheel loses lug nut #1

Look for others to begin loosening as time goes on.

In its entirety, directly from Yahoo!,

Clinton unveils health care plan

By BETH FOUHY, Associated Press

DES MOINES, Iowa - Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton issued a call for universal health care on Monday, plunging back into a political battle she memorably waged and lost as first lady more than a decade ago.

"This is not government-run," Clinton said of her plan to extend coverage to an estimated 47 million Americans who now go without.

She called for a requirement for businesses to obtain insurance for employees, and said the wealthy should pay higher taxes to help defray the cost for those less able to pay for it. She put the government's cost at $110 billion a year.

"Perhaps more than anybody else I know just how hard this fight will be," said the New York senator.

Dismissing the inevitable Republican criticism, Clinton admonished the crowd. "I know my Republican opponents will try to equate health care for all Americans with government-run health care. Don't let them fool us again. This is not government-run."

A front-running contender for her party's nomination, Clinton drew criticism this time from fellow Democrats as well as Republicans.

"To ensure all Americans have affordable health care will take more than leadership that simply knows how to fight," said rival Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Conn.

Addressing a crowd at a medical center in the early voting state of Iowa, Clinton laid out her proposal, with the centerpiece a so-called "individual mandate," requiring everyone to have health insurance — just as most states require drivers to purchase auto insurance. Rival John Edwards has also offered a plan that includes anindividual mandate, while the proposal outlined by Barack Obama does not.

Clinton's plan builds on the existing employer-based system of coverage. People who receive insurance through the workplace could continue to do so; businesses, in turn, would be required to offer insurance to employees, or contribute to a government-run pool that would help pay for those not covered. Clinton would also offer a tax subsidy to small businesses to help them afford the cost of providing coverage to their workers.

"I believe everyone — every man, woman and child — should have quality, affordable health care in America," said Clinton, vowing to accomplish the goal
in her first term.

For individuals and families who are not covered by employers or whose
employer-based coverage is inadequate, Clinton would offer expanded versions of
two existing government programs: Medicare, and the health insurance plan
currently offered to federal employees. Consumers could choose between either
government-run program, but aides stress that no new federal bureaucracy would be created under the Clinton plan.

Clinton proposed several specific measures to pay for her plan, including an end to some of the Bush-era tax cuts for people making more than $250,000 per year. Edwards has vowed to completely repeal the tax cuts for high earners to pay for the cost of his plan, estimated at $90 billion-$120 billion per year, while Obama would pay for his plan in part by letting the tax cuts expire in 2010.

Clinton says she has learned from the 1990s experience, which almost derailed Bill Clinton's presidency and helped put Republicans in control of Congress for years to
come. Aides say she has jettisoned the complexity and uncertainty of the last effort in favor of a plan that stresses simplicity, cost control and consumer choice.

In response, Obama said Clinton's plan is similar to one he proposed in the spring, "though my universal health care plan would go further in reducing the punishing cost of health care than any other proposal that's been offered in this campaign."

He took another swipe at the Clinton administration's closed-door sessions on health care in the 1990s, saying "the real key to passing any health care reform is the ability to bring people together in an open, transparent process that builds a broad consensus for change."

Other Democratic rivals were swift in their criticism.

Delaware Sen. Joe Biden said, "If universal health care plans could have gotten us health care, we would have gotten it a long time ago." Added John Edwards: "If you're going to negotiate universal health care with the same powerful interests that
defeated it before, your proposal isn't a plan, it's a starting point."

Edwards said on his first day in office he will submit legislation that would pull health insurance for the president, members of Congress and all political appointees unless they pass universal health care within six months.

Republican Mitt Romney, in New York City for a fundraising stop, criticized Clinton's proposal, saying, "'Hillary care' continues to be bad medicine ... in her plan, we have Washington-managed health care. Fundamentally, she takes her inspiration from European bureaucracies."

The plan that Romney helped institute while governor of Massachusetts requires the same individual insurance mandate as Clinton's and uses state subsidies to help reduce the cost of private coverage. Since then, Romney has said he would leave it up to the states to decide whether they supported such a mandate.

Said Republican Rudy Giuliani's campaign: "Senator Clinton's latest health scheme includes more government mandates, expensive federal subsidies and more big bureaucracy — in short, prescription for an increase in wait times, a decrease in patient care and tax hikes to pay for it all."

What's there to say? From the WSJ, another interesting bit of totalitarianism;

I intend to dramatically rein in the influence of the insurance companies,
because frankly I think that they have worked to the detriment of our economy
and of our health-care system.

That's just great. Kinda speaks for itself. Reminds me of one of her contemporaries, doncha think?

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

How to piss me off

Start fucking with my meat.

I simply can't understand why anyone would want to be a vegetarian, but, there are those who do and really, there isn't anything I can do about it. So, they do as they want and eat their vegetables and they're happy. Everyone goes about their business and I eat my beef/chicken/lamb/pork/venison, and all is right with the world.

Not so fast, there. In steps the food, er, uh, the environmental police telling us all that it's not really about what is good for you as far as putting it down your gullet, but about Saving The Planet™, so, they're gonna take away your steak, all in the hope of cutting down on the flatulence created by those filthy quadrupeds, you see. I almost shit when I read this part,
"We are at a significant tipping point...if people knew that they were
threatening the environment by eating more meat, they might think twice before
ordering a burger," said Geri Brewster a nutritionist at Northern Westchester
Hospital in New York, who was not connected to the study.

Note for the retards who thought this one up: You want to start a large scale war within the boundaries of this country? Try fucking with my food supply. I'll start from the top down and will not finish until the last of you has his head sitting upon a pike in my front yard, posing as my latest lawn ornament.

The next fad in the Fight Against Global Warming™ , taxing your meat consumption. Can we please start the killing NOW?!

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Patriot Day

I have nothing special to say in regards to this, the sixth anniversary of the terrorist attacks that brought down the World Trade Center, put a hole in the Pentagon, and made a crater in a farm field in Pennsylvania, other than I hope this day lives on in the hearts and minds of those of us who were witness to the happenings, and that we shall not let the deeds of those murderers be forgotten to history.

Never again.

I'm going to the range after work. I hope others will do same.


Friday, September 07, 2007

Respiration, the latest trend in carbon credit schemes

My good friend DirtCrashr has an excellent piece up over at his place on the latest fad in Euro-Centric Eco-guilt-tripping; requiring third world farmers to perform hours of back-breaking manual labor in a quest to make themselves (that'd be the NGO's and bureaucrats creating "policy") feel better about "saving" the evironment.

I'd laugh about this if it wasn't so...enraging.

My favorite part of the link,
"for the poorest people around the world, ‘reducing carbon output’ means saying no to machinery and instead getting your family to do hard physical labour,"
which is, of course, one of the oddest things that I can think of, as it completely ignores the human mind's need to solve a problem, that being a better method for doing any given task. Man has been inventing and using tools (machines) to better his life and surroundings, ya know, manipulating the environment, since before recorded history. It is part of what I do for a living, making a hospitable environment, designing buildings, as in, putting a roof over one's head to keep the rain and chill off. It's a fundamental need and urge of the human psyche to seek these things out and to find new and better ways to doing it. If these nitwits over at Climate Care (snort, laugh) get hold of the reins, it's all going to shit in a big hurry. Bah!

Good thing I brought the range bag today, I need the therapy.

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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

On the brink?

I'm so enraged, I can hardly write about this.

Someone needs to forcefeed this Sedley asshole, the sick fuck, multiple copies of some of the more choice pieces of literature on the subject of governmental tyranny, compliments, mostly, of his countrymen, no less.

Lest anyone think the exact same thing can't happen here, in the good ole U.S. of A., let's just take a look at what one of our prospective leaders has in store for us, shall we? Required health "insurance" for "all", he claims, and mandatory "preventative care" exams, whatever the Hell that means, which, of course, is whatever they want it to be.

Dark days ahead. Load up now, while you still can.

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