Tuesday, September 25, 2007

More Media Losers

The outright bloviating that comes from the mouths, or in this case, the fingertips, of journalist astounds me. Take this bit;

Cranes loom over building sites...The relative stability is fostering development...investors are diving into this poor region full of untapped oil wealth, taking risks that would be unacceptable in a Western-style business environment...
Are you sure about that last bit, Mr.Wantstotellthestory Hisway? Last time I checked, there were bunches of people in the "Western-style" business arena who'd be more than happy to have the bureaubot dolts get the fuck outta their way, so that they could get a little more aggressive on business. Sounds like the Kurds have the right idea to me, but I'm just another one of those Capitalist Oppressors™ you Red Commie Bastards™ are always shrieking about. It sounds to me, after reading the rest of the article, that the Kurds are well on their way to joining the rest of us in the First World, given some time and not much else.

Another piece that definitely got my nose out of joint was the assertion that, somehow, government inspectors are needed to ensure quality in regards to the reconstruction efforts. I've got news for everyone on this bit, first hand, for about the last dozen years. Inspectors are either, A) Engineers who couldn't actually cut it in the real world, and have taken up the trade of extorting huge "Fees" from construction projects by issuing "Permits" or, B) more likely, the underling of said engineer who's gotten "accredited" by some agency to make said inspections and often didn't even graduate high school. Most of them, as I've found, can't form complete thoughts, much less put those thoughts down in any kind of coherent form on a piece of paper.

So, my contempt of governmental agencies aside, I guess I'm just a part of that poor, illiterate sub-culture of subjects who live in fly-over country. I suppose I'll just never understand the views of the coastal Feudal Lords. (Sniff, sniff)

Fucking idiot.

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