Thursday, October 04, 2007

Future Losers, Part II

So, some time ago I posted something about my distaste for a certain commercial on the TeeVee that the notoriously leftist AARP had pasted to the airwaves, in an effort to ensnare grandparents everywhere into some sort of guilt-trip about who best to vote for, by way of blatantly appealing to their emotions with children supposedly asking "serious" questions about their futures, and insinuating that, somehow, it's all currently fucked-up, presumably because of Eeevil-Ruthuglicans and their leader, George W. Bush.

It seems the Geriatric Club is up to no good again.

I'm doing a rollback on their party mascot amalgam, BTW. Simply the stupidest piece of dumbassery I've seen in quite a while, a fore-section of the pachyderm and the flying backside of the ass is a stretch in trying to avoid pointing fingers directly. News flash on this one; Stop, it's not working!

The gist of their whining is that there are issues that are too important to ignore, and they're demanding action by declaring that, "if they (again, the wittle kiddies) could vote, these "Future Champions" would vote for the candidate who will fix health care, protect Social Security and pensions," as if some politician could actually do that.

Time for the Clue Bat to get taken out of the closet. Politicians are born and bred liars. They will promise you anything and everything you want, so long as you promise to vote for them. When they're in office, they'll take whatever it is that they want, and not return anything tangible to you, unless you don't have anything to begin with, in which case, they know you'll surely vote for them again.

If it's all, "way too important," as you yobs keep harping about, then here's my advice; stay in school, grow a brain and figure out what those answers are, for yourselves, instead of expecting the government to come to your rescue.


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Blogger chrisb said...

I have noticed the DKRP, I mean AARP asshatery in these ads as well. When I am an old fart, they aren't getting any of my hard-earned nesteggg.

3:59 PM  

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