Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'm wondering what's missing...

Compare this, to this.

Anyone notice the discordant part to the former's argument?

Let me highlight something from the latter:

NEW YORK: The American photographer Andres Serrano, who gained notoriaty with his photographs of corpses and a work entitled Piss Christ, was gunned down earlier today in Manhattan. [My emphasis]

He'll claim the foul is on something, or someone, else, of course, and deflect from the original argument. Such is the way of things with retards; the dolt hasn't a clue, and it couldn't be proven to him with such facts as these, so I'm at a loss as to what to do with these types...for now.

Stay tuned, there may be a more in-depth coverage of events springing from this general subject in the next year or two.

Interesting times.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Another year


I've known for years that I shared a birthday with Jimi Hendrix.

I see that Steve Urkel also was born today, as was NBA shorty Nick Van Exel. Ivan Rodriguez, who is due for his late-thirties boost in home run production, is exactly a year older than me.

Adding to the list is bitch extraordinaire and Mike Tyson-Ex, Robin Givens, and the excellent character actor William Fichtner. Continuing with the actors theme, Kung-Fu legend Bruce Lee, teen movie actress Alison Pill and actress/sportscaster Jayne Kennedy (who nobody has seen for years) were all born today as well.

Not wanting to leave out the dregs and politicians (redundancy alert) of society, I note that Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg was also born today.

More important persons were also born on this day, Anders Celsius, an astronomer and physicist, invented the centigrade scale by which to more conveniently measure temperature; grading the value of it from the freezing to the boiling point of water on a simple to understand 0 to 100 scale. For the proles, of course, since Fahrenheit is so much harder a scale to understand, you see. He also did some other stuff, like staring at stars through different colors of glass, an early form of spectral analysis for the determining the magnitude of stars (this method is still in use today, BTW) and other meaningless tasks, such measuring the size and shape of Mother Gaia.

I'm now about half way to getting the rest that I know I deserve (that'd be retirement, in lay terms), though if family history is any indication, I'm sure that I'm due for around 90 to 95 years before the ticker gives out. Great. Can't wait for those days when I can't actually make it to the toilet by myself and need assistance. I may check out early if it ever comes to that.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Yes, this is proof.

My buddy DirtCrashr has a post up over at his place deriding the media and its spin machine, telling of the political whoring going on for Sir Hitlery by none other than CNN, the Communist News Network. It seems the fruits of the Donk debates are ill-gotten, and everyone can now see what Der Field Marshall Rodham really stands for...

So then it should come as no surprise when her absolutely loathsome husband says something similar, or at least in line with the same thinking, and the fucking leftist take a swipe at even the thought of honest questions, asked by regular people, without any kind of preview or consent of the powers that be.

Just in case you missed it, the "reporter" from AP thinks that unvetted questions from citizens is nothing more than a setup from the "Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy."

"Bill Clinton said that putting candidates on the spot during debates could leave “Democrats vulnerable to a swift-boat kind of ad in the general election.”

If the Clintons thought the recent round of attacks on Hillary were tough, just wait until the vast right-wing conspiracy takes flight."

Tap, tap, tap. Hello!???

Is anyone else paying attention to this overt programming?

Eventually, there's going to be Hell to pay over this.

I hope to be around to watch.

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Vertical farming?

The things one sees on the news in the morning.

I can't believe this asshole is allowed to walk around and spout this kind of crap without first proving about a dozen of his points about current farming practices. What's he smoking?

I'm kinda doubting that Mr. Despommier has ever spent ONE minute farming anything, for even ONE day of his life. Professor of what? In New York effing City, at Columbia University? Are they teaching Ag these days in NYC? WTF?

Another leftist elite, trying to sucker the powers that be into some ponzi scheme and paranoia about how unsafe our current food supply is and how much better off we'll all be if we just do it his way. He's proposing solutions for problems that we just DON'T HAVE! Moron.

It may be a novel idea, to a degree, but really, this guy doesn't understand what he's talking about, for the reasons he's proposing, at all.

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Homegrown Reds

I'm wondering if Ladd has ever heard of this guy named Chairman Mao? He also believed in the ridiculous concept of monopoly of force.

He also killed a few people.

History is no longer being taught in the public school system, I see.

Relevant stuff found over at Blogonomicon.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Called it!

I called this one a few months ago.

I'll be doing my superior dance now.

Nothing's going to change about the current situation either. Residents of DC will not be allowed to own guns, and the local government will make up whatever reason they want for arresting and jailing the common citizens for such.

The thugs will still be armed and the crime in that city will continue, just as it has for generations now.

Move along citizen, nothing to see here.

Update: The robes decided to hear the case, I stand corrected. I didn't think they had it in 'em.

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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Taking bets...

...on who'll get the blame for this tragedy.

The smart money is on A) The Eeeeevil NRA, and B) The equally evil Americans, cuz it's always the crazy 'Merican Rednecks with their guns who make all these furrin' yutes feel so disaffected that they feel the "need" to off some of their peers. It's all the fault of those hateful RedStaters, you see.

I can't wait to hear the excuses, and I'm taking notes on who responds, and what they make of this situation in the media. I'm expanding my list, and it's getting to be rather spectacularly long.
Let the blame game begin.

Is my contempt obvious?

Update: It seems that Kevin Baker and Zendo Deb have similar thoughts.

Update, 11/12: Miscreants, associating with one another about nefarious activities over the interw3z. Who'd ever think of that? Of course, this will somehow prove the point to some (morons, mostly) about it being all our fault, spreading the dreaded School Shooting Syndrome© to other countries, like some disease. {snark alert}

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Friday, November 02, 2007

More music, less Politics

Because politics sucks. In fact, hearing about all the campaigning and party "debates" has made me sick enough with the subject (this is saying something, as I'm in a constant state of irritation regarding it) that I've decided to post something as a departure from dicing of governmental hooliganism, populist doltage and vitriol, as is my usual posting. Other than guns, that is.

In keeping with my interest in music that is nominally considered "Classical" (this stuff is actually from the Romantic period), I've been comparing some different interpretations of Chopin's Preludes, specifically Op.28, No.15 in D flat-major, usually referred to as Raindrop, on the YouTube.

I think this is simply butchering the piece. No soul, and he's playing it as though he's trying to keep up with a god-damned metronome that's been set too high. Bereft of even the slightest bit of emotion, and the piece is simply filled with sadness. Precise, but flat.

This is much better, though still a bit mechanical in some spots, but technically, quite clean.

This one is outstanding, with lots of retard in certain phrases and much better control of the pace. He steers the mood around with his subtle changes in pace and keystroke weight.

Then I found this. Left me on the floor, and I'd never even heard of Valentina Igoshina before. I'm going to track down more of her stuff. This was just brilliant, and I can't imagine her other stuff to be anything but great.

Heavy, emotional stuff. I love Chopin.

Update: She speaks! The first 40 seconds or so she gives a hint at how she gets into the music. I couldn't have put it any differently when listening to the way she conveys the music through her playing.

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