Thursday, December 13, 2007

More controversy

I was just mentioning the lying of the Lying Bastard of Global Whoring, when I ran across this.


Ya know, the WHOLE island known as Iceland is really just the top of a big volcano, and the fact that it has ice on it is really strange, considering the source of formation. It's so active that most Vikings still living there use geothermal heating, sourced directly from the ground beneath each home.

It should come as little surprise then, that an area roughly following the Gakkel Ridge shows slow spreading of the adjoining plates, with its attendent rise in volcanic activity, mostly in the form of hydrothermal vents. Oh, and this phenomenon has only recently been discovered, though I'd hesitate to say that its occurance is recent. This could be a reason for the supposed acceleration of Greenland's ice melt, but I also have to wonder if the measurement methodology has flaws, since some have found that in central Greenland, the ice sheet has been getting thicker.

Regardless of what can, and more importantly, can't be proven, the politicians and scoundrels will be more than willing to sell your ass for protecting the environment. There's only one way to go when governments are proposing to impose taxes on your spawn.

Load up, folks, and aim small/miss small.

H/T to Phil over at RNS, for this piece.

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