Friday, December 14, 2007

Reds, in the unlikeliest of places

From the debate that isn't, an editorial, at the Commie-on-the-Hudson-birdcage-liner.

Slobbering idiots, who wouldn't know a thing about taxes, rates, or revenue, and how each effects the other.

From the very first in the comments section.

"It's easy, after five years of blood, to forget that the prime imperative of the Bush presidency was always to redirect the budget surplus to its friends and to spend the federal government into paupery and disrepute. Gratuitous tax cuts and wasteful defense spending were always the one-two punch that was planned for their version of America in which more than a little chaos means good financial opportunities for the needless (cf. who benefits from Mine Resistant Vehicles versus from CHIP). Contemptible."

Not nearly as comtemptible as you, asswipe.

This asshat lives not more than a fifteen minute drive from my domicile, in the Commie-on-the-Kaw, Lawrence, Kansas. This isn't really surprising to anyone who knows something of that town, being the liberal suck-ass college town that it is, with little more than academia and college hoops keeping the whole thing going.

Ironic that the fucking idiot leftists are always spouting about, spittle flying from their filthy sewers, regarding how incredibly "right-wing" and evangelic all of us are here in fly-over country. Strange how we have plenty to go around over here. Fuck the lot of them.

Via Billy Beck.

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